2 Quick and Easy Questions

Wow … that sounded way dirtier than I intended.


With the site continuously growing I kinda want to do a quick check in with our readers and get a wee bit of feedback.


I have two questions for ya’ll.

1. What drew you in about the site and kept you coming back for more?

2. What would cause you to flee and no longer visit us?

See how easy that was!?!?! Kay now it’s your turn … Just answer these questions in the comment and we will be in love forever! (Platonically of course …)

Ready … set … GO!!!!

5 thoughts on “2 Quick and Easy Questions

  1. 1) catchy article titles grabbing my interest
    2) biased info promoting a singular product cure and not considering a universal approach to treatment focusing on each persons individual struggle —

  2. 1) Stories of personal journeys & experiences
    2) If there was no new content of interest to me personally or if the only new content was just rehashing of info that I’ve already seen addressed/answered.

  3. 1. The chance to share with BP sufferers in a no pressure at your leisure situation. The brutal honesty is cool.

    2. I can’t imagine anything could drive me away!

  4. #1) The great and awesome askabipolar authors……

    #2) If the site was too become too busy visually and not “user friendly”-(if it became to difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for)

  5. You can read about bipolar and there is a lot of information out there but this site has provided me with examples and specific situations, people’s experiences first hand, really helpful and educational.
    Thanks. M

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