Do you have a normal time in between your moods?

Just asking as I have only been told for the last year that I have Bipolar! My moods have been all over the place, and they keep upping my dose of meds, do you have a normal time in between yours mood? Or can you go from been really down to feeling a bit high within days? After been down for Months?

It is true that you can go from one extreme straight into another.  It isn’t uncommon to spend quite some time in a downward spiral just to pull up at the last minute and shoot straight up into the stars and soar into the cosmos.  On the flip side of that coin, it is a very common trait to spend time in a manic phase just to crash into a low mood.

However, it is entirely possible to live in a “normal” phase.  We’ll say a mellower phase.  It is highly possible to level out to some extent depending on where you are mentally in your treatment and how you are responding to your medication.  It is really more of an individual thing.  Each one of us is different because we are all unique in our own little ways.  We are all at different stages, on different levels and bipolar effects each of us differently in so many ways.  So it is hard to say when or how each of us will find our level phase. But level is possible and will come with time, patience and practice.

I am a rapid cycler.  I go thru many mood shifts in one week, sometimes in one day.  I start of Monday being so upset I don’t even feel like getting out of bed. By Tuesday I’m angry that I wasted all of Monday.  Wednesday rolls around and I am down again because I feel guilty for being angry all day Tuesday and taking it out on everyone.  Thursday rolls around and I have found a little determination and I decide that no matter how bad things are I must face the day.  By Friday I’m feeling so good I can take on the next two days full force.  This is just an example.  This has happened before and the days may be off but it does happen often in this order.  Sometimes I can go thru this same routine in the course of just a day.  I wake up in the morning not wanting to get out of bed, an hour or two later I’m angry that I’ve wasted the morning away.  By supper time I’m feeling guilty that I’ve been angry at everyone all day, so I find a little determination to salvage the day and by bedtime I’m in a good mood again.  This happens about once or twice a week.  But the rest of the time, about 75% of the time I feel totally leveled out and somewhat balanced, well as balanced as I’m ever going to get.

If you’ve only been diagnosed a year and they’re still upping your meds it sounds like they are still trying to find your stability range.  Once you find the right med cocktail, the “normal” will become more frequent and the mood swings will become fewer and farther apart.  You will start to notice a significant difference once you find the right medicine and dosage that works for you.

2 thoughts on “Do you have a normal time in between your moods?

  1. I’m a rapid cycler, too, and I find that my euthymic periods tend to be very short. My experience with medication has been that it lessens the severity of my moods, but doesn’t affect their frequency. As a result, I still don’t have lengthy euthymic periods, just manageable fluctuations.

  2. I was diagnosed with bipolar II a little over a year ago and it has taken most of that year to find the right seroquel dosage and for my moods to be more manageable. Because I have ADHD and Generalized Anxiety as well my pdoc started treating those disorders once we had the bipolar under control. I still may need one more increase in my concerta as I am still experiencing ADHD symptoms, I will know in April when I see my pdoc again. So depending on how bad your symptoms are and whether you have other disorders on top of that it can take a very long time to get the right combinations of meds to get stabilized. My best advice would be to try and stay “patient” with this process and to not let it get you down or discouraged.

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