Confused. Does he or doesn’t he really Love me?

Well I’ve been dating a bi polar male who is currently on medication and has been for many years, he got out of a very bad relationship 6mths ago, we have fun when we are together, he says he loves me I’ve been there for him in his highs,lows all of the above, but lately hes been pulling away, he said he wanted to explore other women before settling down with me. but he says he loves me but also says that he cant explain his love for me. I just want to know does he truly love me or is his love more on a friendly level. I’m reading and educating myself on bi polar so i understand that its going to be hard at times but i just want to know that this is due to his bi polar?

Being in a relationship with someone who has bipolar is like being on the dating game. You’re given three doors to choose from and you never know what’s going to be behind it. Just the same you wake up with your bipolar significant other and just hope the person behind the door is that hotty totty you love so much. But then you pick door number two and you’re stuck with a confusing unpredictable date who you can’t tell if they love you or they want to leave you or or or …

Sound familiar?

We get questions of this caliber often. Girls dating a guy with bipolar and he pulls away and he comes back and then he pulls away and then he comes back … he’s one confused puppy! There is no easy answer to this either. Men in general are confusing. Add in a mental illness and you’re in for an adventure. When he’s great he’s Prince Charming in a BMW who knocks your socks off … but when he’s not … well let’s just say he’s the opposite.

But the thing is, there’s no way to say if he does this pushing and pulling due to being bipolar or if he’s really just this way. And on top of that, he’s still recovering from a bad relationship and most likely has commitment issues because of it. Does that mean he should be able to date other girls? Well, that’s up to you. Do you want to be with a guy who’s dating other girls? Perhaps it would be better to let him go and see if he comes back.

As for the “I love you” bit, all I can say is … I have bipolar … being in love is difficult for me, but I don’t take it lightly. But then again … I’m a girl. We deal with that stuff way different than boys.

I know this probably doesn’t answer your question, however, the only FOR SURE answer I can give you is time. You have to decide what you want in a relationship and if he’s meeting those needs. Be strong, no matter how difficult it might be. Do NOT let bipolar be an excuse for treating you poorly. I wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to ask further questions if you need to!

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  1. To “Confused”
    Im going to try and help you understand what your boyfriend is going through from a bipolar mans eyes. First i must say that the fact that he told you he is bipolar is a huge step. Second that you didn’t run but instead you took the
    time to seek help from AaB says a lot for you.
    my best recommendation to you is something you mentioned that you are doing and that is educating your self on Bipolar disorder. when it comes to relationship information there is a book written by Hilary Smith and the title is Welcome To The Jungle.
    Relationships are extremely hard on both people involved. Personal i dont feel that him wanting to explore other options has anything to do with him being BP. Try your hardest not to blame everything he does that you disagree with on his illness i know its one thing that has a tendency to make me blow up. He will most definitely for sure have “good days and bad days” just like you do being a woman. And believe me those days will sometimes happen at the same time and that will be a definite test on you relationship. Keep a eye on his meds maybe offer to set up one of those weekly medication things. that way u know if hes missing doses or not. because the last thing we want to hear is “have u been taking your meds” just because were having a bad day. If your setting them up you will know if they are or aren’t.
    Basically all im saying is give things a chance if you feel you guys are worth it as a couple. Never accept any abuse for any reason that most definitely is not a side affect of BP. Its never going to be easy but it can with out a doubt be worth it!!! We are not bad people but we sometimes can be a hard book to understand!! I wish you both the best of luck and look forward to a update in the near future.——JP

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