When will my seasonal affective disorder end?

Spring is pretty much here and I still feel like crap. When will my seasonal affective disorder end?


I do not mean to scare you, but seasonal affective disorder is different for each person. Some suffer symptoms from fall to late spring, others spend one winter depressed and dodge any symptoms the next year. For some people, it starts at the same time each year and ends at the same time. And even if you’ve been diagnosed with SAD, and not Depression, it is not uncommon for the symptoms to turn into full-blown Depression.

Waiting for the days to get longer will not help. You need to have conversations with your doctor, family, and friends. With your doctor, make calls in the spring and explain the state of your symptoms. Are they waxing and waning, getting worse, or confusing the heck out of you no matter how hard you try to understand (so been there). If you’re not currently seeing a therapist, it would be wise to look for one who is well-versed in SAD and is willing to meet with you a few times, rather than a long-term commitment.

With your ¬†friends and family, purposely seek out activities that are fun, especially those which are colorful and out-of-doors (vitamin D is still coming from the sun even in the winter). Avoid impulse shopping; the happiness that follows impulse purchases is superficial and very short-term. Also avoid taking on too many things. In the past, I have made myself as busy as the president in the hopes that I will forget about being depressed. Well, it so does not work that way. Especially when you don’t have a Camp David to jet off to.

Hey, painting the walls of your home in warm colors can even help. It may sound silly, but some swear by their yellow, sunshiny walls.

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  1. Light therapy is good for SAD, too… They have those sun lamps for sale, or you can get a prescription for them from your doctor… It won’t cure the SAD, but it will make the symptoms more manageable…

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