When you are having a particularly rough moment or day, is there anything you do to calm down or feel better?

When you are having a particularly rough moment or day, is there anything you do to calm down or feel better?


This might make some people roll their eyes, but the best thing that helps me get through a moment is to count to ten. I know, I know…but it seriously helps me to gather my thoughts. As the ten seconds comes to a close, take the time to analyze why you’re having a bad day. As people with bipolar, it’s extremely important to look deep within ourselves when determining what is making our day horrible. Then take responsibility for the rest of the day. If a family member is driving you off the wall, let them know why that is.

If a sequence of unfortunate events has brought you to the breaking point, allow yourself ten or fifteen minutes to clear your head and make a plan for the rest of the moment or day.

A habit worth getting into is to write down every time you have a bad day. Be as specific as you can about why the day is so bad. Before you know it, you’ll start realizing the good of the day.

The advice I gave may sound hokey, but it has literally saved me from collapse many times. And amazingly, the times I feel like I am falling apart have lessened in number since I have become aware of them.

Remember to keep the channels of communication open with your family, friends, and self.

2 thoughts on “When you are having a particularly rough moment or day, is there anything you do to calm down or feel better?

  1. A few other calming methods include listening to music, running, screaming into a pillow, stress toys, cleaning (sounds weird, but seriously works for some), cooking, playing sports and anything that exerts physical energy. Exerting physical energy releases enorphins and adrenaline that can help you wash away some of the stress. Running has been on of my secret weapons against depression. And it’s no wonder I’m more depressed during crappy weather. I needs to get me a treadmill!!!

    But seriously, it’s important to find at least one thing that you really enjoy that can calm you down at the roughest of moments. Even if it’s just as Jon said, simply counting to ten! Great Post Jon!

  2. Yesterday I had this exact same experience. I was having a horrible day and felt like the world was crashing down on me. My ride on the public transit system in Chicago did not make things any better. All I wanted to do was stand up on that bus and just start screaming!!!!

    BUT, I didn’t. One motto I like to repeat to myself is “Keep Calm, and Carry On.” It actually makes me laugh because I can’t think of ANYONE that would actually be able to calm down and carry on as if nothing was wrong if they were in the state that I was in at that moment.

    I also do yoga, which helps so much because of the deep breathing and stretching. If I can’t take a yoga class or do a yoga video, just doing a few stretches and some deep breathing really help to put things in perspective.

    Most situations that may have contributed to the rough day, or moment, should probably not be dealt with while still in a negative frame of mind, so to prevent even further complicating things and making the situation worse, I try to make sure that I am calmed down before going back to the situation.

    And when all else fails, I usually look at some celebrity, or someone who has been in the news recently that has been acting ridiculous, and has been having horrible publicity, and tell myself “It could be worse, that could be me!” 🙂

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