How do you feel while in a manic state?

How do you  feel while in a manic state?  I have heard a little about this from someone and i was just wondering what your experience is like.


How does one feel in the manic state?  I can tell you what I experience, but I can’t speak for everybody else. I think some of the symptoms are across the board for all people with this disease in a manic high.

First, let’s decipher what a manic high is and what hypomania is!  There’s a difference. In a complete, blown manic phase people do not sleep, they have delusions of grandeur, they have horrible racing thoughts, their sexual appetite might be very insatiable, and their mind might be thinking things that make no sense. They often lose touch with reality. In a hypomanic state people have racing thoughts, trouble concentrating, have very high energy, get lots done, don’t sleep well, and often want sex a lot. However, they often do not lose touch with reality.

So, how do I feel in a manic state?  To be honest with you, I have had three full-blown manic states in my twenties. Since I have been medicated regularly for years now I usually experience hypomania. I often don’t mind hypomania because I get a lot accomplished.

I feel like I have lots of energy!  I can clean my whole house in one day, get my laundry done, all my shopping, maybe spend too much money, not pay attention to details on things, pound out articles for this website in a really fast fashion, and still be ready to go at the end of the day. I have racing thoughts and often have trouble separating them. I don’t sleep well at all because my energy level is through the roof. My head feels heavy a lot because of all the activity in my head. Truthfully, I will admit this because only because there may be a lot of others who experience this, too but my libido is very high and often times feels insatiable during the high itself.

When the high starts to end my body gives up kind of like a battery. I have high energy and then it slowly, slowly gets back to normal or in my case, I almost always crash and get depressed. Then my energy level is almost nil and it’s frustrating.

So, I think everybody that has experienced a high has very high levels of energy. I think that’s across the board. I believe many of them also have high libido. I think most of them have racing thoughts and so on.

But really, only you know how you feel during a high and it’s important for you to connect with yourself so you know how to deal with it.

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  1. speaks for me pretty much perfectly. Have been full blown manic several times over the years and the end result left me with memories of behavior I was/am ashamed of. Hypomania? Not quite so bad, but also consumes tremendous amounts of energy much like burning a delightful candle at both ends. As the two flames near each other in my case with me caught in the middle I tend to find myself becoming very irritable and impatient with people, as though they are not quite up to speed with me in comprephension of all that is going on, and this is generally the sign that I am about to crash in a big way. Then begins the clean up, and the everpresent hope that the cycle will not repeat itself again, but we all know it will, and we all know we will enjoy it–that is until we crash and burn once more. I actually find myself attempting to fight off the manic–hypomanic–cycle and simply remain somewhat depressed, so as to not go through it all over and over again, but sooner or later the mental switch flips and off I go. Hope this helps someone. Have a blessed day.

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