Even we have questions! Wanna help?

So I noticed something about myself today while I was work. Work affects my moods. I find it much easier to stay upbeat and chipper at work than I do at home. What gives?

Does anyone else have this happen? Shouldn’t I be more stressed at work and crankier? Or is it that I am in my element on the job? Cuz I really am. Especially my current job.

How bout you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Even we have questions! Wanna help?

  1. I get that way sometimes too Marybeth!!! I think its because when I’m at work, I can absorb myself in a lot of things that aren’t personal (I’m a litigation paralegal, so I’m working on cases affecting others). They are others troubles and issues, and I am working to help them. At home, I have all of MY issues (i.e. significant other, pets, housecleaning, bills, personal phone calls) which are much more emotionally taxing because they are my own. So, sometimes just THINKING about going home and all that awaits me makes me feel overwhelmed and exhausted and makes my mood plummet. When I am at work, I can escape all of that and its as if a huge weight is lifted, so it makes it easier to be be happier. Sometimes, if a case hits close to home or if a task I am doing is something that I know is going to really help the case significantly, I feel in a much better mood because I know my work is doing something good and helping others. While my work and things at home are good and helping others (those living at m house), its still just daily regimented activities that are now expected to be done by me and there isn’t much gratification. GRATIFICATION. I think that’s the word I have been looking for. THe tasks I do at work bring me much more gratification at times because I am helping in situations that the clients I work for believe are terrible situations, so anything I do to help them with a positivie outcome to their case is very much appreciated by all involved and that gives me a sense of gratification. If I am at home and I finish 3 loads of laundry, and now we all have clean clothes, I don’t have that same sense of gratification. Instead I feel more weighed down because now that the laundry is done, it has to be put away, and then there are about 800 other tasks to be done.

    What have I done to try to makes things different? I don’t know yet because I haven’t come up with anything! But I know that if I could somehow balance the two out, it would probably help the frequency of my cycling. I would probably eliminate a lot of triggers. As with everything, I think it has a lot to do with balance. I will continue to try to find a way create a better balance between home and work. If I find more answers, I will chime in. Let me know if you do too!!!

  2. I experience the same thing at work. My theory is that there are more things I can control at work than at home and I believe I put on a sort of work persona while I’m there. When I get home, I can’t hide who I really am and I can’t do much to control other people. That overwhelms me and I find I prefer to be at work instead of going home.

  3. Karen, I think you kinda just delved into my brain and stole all my thoughts. I think that is exactly how it works for me. Plus, I shine on the job. All my best traits get served on a silver platter and by the time I get home I’m so tired and worn from keeping up the persona that all I’ve got left to give my family is some left overs on a paper plate.

    I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

  4. Hi Karen,
    Good to “see” you here. 🙂 I think my daughter, with school being her work at this point in life is exactly the same way!

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