What are some positive things of a bipolar person?

What are some positive things of a bipolar person?


What a fun question! Some might be surprised, but I actually have a decent list of things that I find positive about having bipolar.

Creativity – This is common in those who have bipolar disorder. I’ve always had a tendency to lean toward the creative side. In grade school I wrote and drew. In high school I sang and drew. And now that I’m old … I love to write.

Mothering – My 8yr old son has bipolar. I’m not gonna lie, it’s SUPER difficult. Some days are better than others, but having bipolar also has made parenting him quite a bit easierĀ  than it would be if I didn’t know how it was to feel the way that he feels. I can understand him on a level that other parents without this illness wouldn’t be able to. I pushed to get a diagnosis when other parents might have denied there was a problem.

Strength – My life has been an uphill battle, one without a top. A topless hill. I’m climbing and climbing and climbing. Sometimes I get a rest, but its rare. But I’m okay with this. I’ve become a very strong woman who can handle just about anything. (Or at least I think so.) I have a totally different outlook on life, one that I can be proud of. And if I didn’t have bipolar, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone through some of the things I have.

This website! I’ve met incredible people and had the joy of helping others understand bipolar more than they may have to begin with. If my son and I didn’t have bipolar, I’d have had no reason to start this site. And I love this site. I was telling my husband the other day that I have my priorities and they rank as such …

1. Husband

2. Children

3. Family

4. Job

5. My Website

With everything else falling below it. So I’m thankful for my illness. More than anyone else could possibly know.

And if I didn’t feel like I had the plague right now, I’m pretty sure I could come up with more. Having bipolar sucks. It really sucks. BUT I’m thankful it’s made me into who I am today.

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  1. I am at a point in my life at present to where I find it hard to see any positive in being Bi-Polar. However, the point you have made on creativity is a positive one and is also a symptom–talent–which I too share. My creativity has ranged from inventiveness in creating tools for the various jobs I have held over the years–plural as in 58 plus–to creative as in writing articles of a religous nature–had no clue for years that this disorder displays religous overtones in my many people such as myself–to poems and short stories about things relating to my life. I am certain that my view of their valure is distorted in merit and worth, but I have been blessed to have many people email me from around the globe who expressed their liking and enjoyment of what I have written and shared upon the web. So, I would agree that creativity is a positive thing about Bi-Polar people, and thus attempt to set some negative aside in my own life by sharing this positive testimony.
    A warning of caution I would share with others is to avoid doing as I have done many times with my works of creativity, and that was to allow the down cycle to cause me to destroy what I had created as though it had no value at all in my times of depression. This is very confusing to people who actually appreciate your creativeness and it hurts them, as well as hurts yourself. I still struggle in overcoming this urge, but must confess and share this to the betterment of others who may benifit from my words and mistakes.

    Create, but do not destroy that which you create.

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