You tell me, why must I plan?

I really should have been nick named Day Runner, the Daily Planner.

I honestly cannot function without having a plan.

Wing it? Is that a rhetorical question?

Do you know what happens when I wing it? ANXIETY!!! OMG What’s going to happen next? What if it doesn’t work out? How do I know if people will show up?




So I plan. I write it down. Make agenda’s. Plan FB events. Plan plan plan.

And what happens?

LIFE! Life always screws up my plans.

My phone dies. My charger goes missing. I can’t get ahold of those I have plans with.

My car breaks down. Costs lots of money to fix. Can’t afford to get to where I planned to go.

I get sick. Can’t get out of bed. Must cancel said plans.

My kids get sick. Or have the day off school. Can’t get a sitter. Can’t attend said plans.

Get new puppy. Totally forget new puppy must ALWAYS either be crated or go with us. Hate crating new puppy. Plans become very limited when puppy is involved in plans.

Plans canceled.

Plans ruined.

Plans postponed.

WHY MUST I PLAN. Haven’t I learned my lesson?

Because what happens next? I feel like poo. Big fat piles of poo. Because I feel unreliable, flaky, predictable, hated, annoying … needless to say, I feel like SHITE!

Do you plan? Do your plans work? What happens if they don’t?

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