Do people with Bipolar believe that the hallucinations they see are true?

Hello, I was just wondering if you could tell me, do people with Bipolar believe that the hallucinations they see are true?
For example, things that are extraordinary and impossible, when visually seeing and hearing people, do they believe what they see is real, even if the situations they are creating are impossible?

I, myself, have only experienced hallucinations twice in my life. Both times they were caused by very high fevers so they weren’t actually related to bipolar disorder. However, I can tell you that at the time they were very real to me and scary as all hell. I remember screaming out and my mother coming to help me as I cried, “But I want the chicken nuggets, where are the chicken nuggets?” (Apparently they ‘d gone missing) My mother was incredibly confused and was like, “I don’t have any chicken nuggets, honey.” I can laugh at it now, but I was definitely not laughing at the time.

I also believe, however, that due to my extreme body temperature, I was a bit delusional at that point as well and probably would have believed just about everything I saw.

I think that’s where the confusion comes in for most people. There is a GREAT difference between hallucinations and delusions.

Hallucinations are seeing things or hearing voices that aren’t there. That does not mean that one needs to definitely believe those things/voices are real. One can be completely aware that they are just hallucinations. But it is likely that in the moment they feel very real and look very real and sound very real.

Delusions are thoughts or beliefs about themselves, the world or others that are not in fact reality, but the person experiencing the delusion is one hundred percent certain those thoughts or beliefs are true.

From what I’ve learned and heard about hallucinations and delusions I believe (in my own opinion) that it is possible to experience both delusions and hallucinations at the same time. I also believe that delusions are much more dangerous than hallucinations, yet also believe that audible hallucinations are more dangerous than visual.

I think you can reason with someone experiencing hallucinations. You can explain to them that what they are seeing or hearing isn’t true. But when a person is delusional there is no reasoning or rationalizing to them. When someone is delusional he or she will not take your word about the impossibility of their thoughts. To them, a delusion is very real.

If I’ve confused you or not answered your question correctly PLEASE let me know. But I do hope this helps.

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  1. My husband experienced a variety of symptoms of bipolar for 25 years. He described having feelings of having superhuman abilities. He would look at the family business building and KNOW that he could jump to the second story roof, but at the same time, he would KNOW that in reality it was impossible.

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