Do you ever try to prevent a change in your mood or do you just let it go?

Do you ever try to prevent a change in your mood or do you just let it go? And is there anything you can do to prevent the change?


Well first off, depends on what kind of change we’re talking about. I’m obviously not going to lay a finger on a good mood trying to work its way in. I’m going to let that puppy come in and settle down on my couch. I’ll try to make it comfortable so it never wants to leave. I guess my couch kinda sucks though, cuz my good moods never seem to want to stick around.

I suppose I definitely TRY to prevent bad moods from creeping in, with try being the key word there. Problem is, most of the time I’m blindsided by the change. My moods are no better than the weather here in Michigan. Seriously…two weekends ago it was sunny and 80 degrees. Monday morning … there was freaking snow on the ground! And lucky for me, my moods tend to stick right along side those weather patterns.

I do my best to prevent my lows. I really do. I take my¬† meds perfectly. I exercise. I’ve got my GE Reveal lights. I sit by the window at work. I’m in therapy. I do all of the is and STILL bring my moods back up. Needless to say, I can’t prevent a change in mood any better than I can force a mood change.

I wish there was a magic mood button. Kinda like the emergency button on a ship. When things get to scarey you just push that little bugger and well … ok so the ship usually still sinks. But it’s still fun to push buttons. At least that can ease a tiny bit of tension..right?!?! I mean especially when you get to push a big red button. That’s always exciting!!! (Sorry, off tangent a bit, just trying to boost my mood…)

How about you? Can you prevent your mood changes?

3 thoughts on “Do you ever try to prevent a change in your mood or do you just let it go?

  1. Ummmm… I can’t prevent them. This last cycling clocked me in the head before I even knew it was coming. Good mood rarely sticks around for me, too. And this crying has to stop! I am sure my husband is about tired of it now and the kids keep thinking they did something to make me cry!


  2. Oddly enough, I do try to stop the good ones. Why? Because I have learned to recognize that the giddy feeling, where I am better than anyone else in the world at (fill in the blank), will not last. That I will crash at least as far as I went up. I did love the highs, but can’t let it happen if I can stop it.
    I try to find music that matches my mood. Slow music would irritate me. The really fast stuff calms me, then I can gradually switch to more mellow music. Usually it works. So, I miss out on the really good moods, in an attempt to miss the really bad ones, too.

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