Quitting Medication

I discovered my illness since abt 4 years and i swinged between mania and depression and of course i tried to commit suicide more than one time , i took medications and i am felt better , but i stopped med since abt 7 months but i stayed normal and didn’t feel any difference… but since abt 2 weeks i started feeling a little bit of mania symptoms , but not in a way that it came before , so i would like to know what to do cause i hate medication and i don’t want to use it again , so whats u opinion and thx in forward .


Having Bipolar Disorder is difficult let alone the treatment that causes side effects and things unpleasant in just having the disorder. However, let me preface this and say that you always need to discuss medication discontinuation first with your doctor or psychiatrist. Some of those medications can causes withdrawal effects especially if you have used them for a lengthy period of time.

I hear what you are saying. I don’t think anybody with Bipolar Disorder likes taking medications. Most medications have some side effects that aren’t pleasant and it is man-made chemicals put into your body. However, in order to control your symptoms I believe medication coupled with other treatments is what controls the disease better than anything else.

I was at a point in my life shortly after my diagnosis where I didn’t want to take my medications. I didn’t like the way they made me feel, they played with my vision among other side effects. I was plain sick of it. I stopped my medications and I promptly relapsed. I ended up in the hospital and had to start all over again. I have had this diagnosis for twenty-one years now. I have actively taken medication everyday for eighteen years. It’s vital to my functioning. Plus, I like feeling the best I can and to keep my mood under control. I am a wife and mother and my family deserves my best. That is the reason I do not stop taking them.

I don’t know what your underlying reasons are for not wanting to take your medications. If I were in your shoes I would discuss it with your doctor or psychiatrist. Can they help you with meds that can be more mild to your body? Tell the doctor why you hate medications. Maybe education on the meds is what you need. Oftentimes they can come up with medication cocktails that won’t affect you as much. Discuss other forms of treatment, too.

Also, ask yourself some questions. Am I depressed? Am I in manic state? What can help me? Do I need a different doctor? Who can support me? What can I do for myself? Do I want to stay in the mood state I am in? How will it get under control? Do I feel miserable? I would encourage you to educate yourself on the disease, too. I believe people with Bipolar Disorder need to be educated! Education is power! Find support from people who believe in you. Have them help you along!

I will say though, from personal experience, that medications are absolutely necessary for controlling this disease. I would hate to have you suffer just because you didn’t take medications. I know they aren’t pleasant. But try to get to a doctor you trust and discuss the pros and cons of treatment.

It’s your choice on what you do! But try and make an educated choice with a professional before throwing medication out the window!

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