Fresh Starts and New Beginnings … but that means Changes!

It’s that time of the year again … Spring. Some celebrate Easter, some Passover, some the Equinox (Shout out to my sista! Hollar! Sorry… or is it a Solstice? UGH) But regardless, they all signify the sameish thing, New Beginnings. I like to look at them as a Fresh Start. Kinda like when you get out of the shower and you smell so fresh and so clean clean. Everything is perfect at that moment.

Recently, I’ve been in “Crisis” mode (as my PDoc calls it, he didn’t like me referring to it as mental breakdown. Meh…) and I KNOW I am in need of a Fresh start of some sort. Though the funny thing is, it was recent fresh starts that put me in Crisis mode.

New Job

New Home

New People

New New New (Except I like the new clothes….)

And I like the new job, and the new people (why yes I did leave out the New Home … it’s kinda small. Still working on liking that one), but I liked not having those things too. I think where the problem came in was, I didn’t WANT any of those. But I NEEDED to get them. It’s all kinda the backlash of my no longer pending divorce. And although I’m happy to be back with my husband and working things out, these repercussions are becoming a bit much. (Minus the people … I really like the people … and the clothes …)

And thus I am looking for a way to put that all behind and start fresh. But guess what that means???


Oh and let’s not forget the decisions that go with making those changes.

But Fresh Starts are good, right? Putting the past behind us and moving forward with the future. I mean it sounds so easy! It SHOULD be just like getting in a car and driving away to start a new life. But it’s not that easy.

First you need to decide what kind of changes to make. Then you need to think about what consequences those changes will have on your life and the lives around you. And then you need to come up with a plan to put those changes in place. I’m getting all Anxiety ridden just writing all that!

So knowing I need this fresh start, this new beginning what have you, I started small.

I chopped my hair off.

Maybe I’ll get some highlights.

And a new pair of shoes.

And THEN I’ll sit back and think about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, because so far … I’m at a loss.

How do you feel about Fresh Starts and New Beginnings?

Do you like Changing? Or is it easier just to stay in a rut?

3 thoughts on “Fresh Starts and New Beginnings … but that means Changes!

  1. I do not like being in a rut. I am desperately trying to get out of one now but I am not succeeding and that torques me off. I know that change is sometimes necessary. However, I don’t have any big changes going on right now. I just need this rapid cycling to halt or at least slow down so I can live my life to its fullest. Ugh!

  2. New beginings??? Changes??? Yikes!!! They really scare me… BUT… I know sometimes they are necessary… Now would probably be a good time for some new beginings and changes for me as well… Should I chop off all my hair, too???

  3. This past year has seen change after change after change. Most of the changes I like. I have moved away from my family (14 hours away!!), started a new job, going to a new church, meeting new friends, finding a new psychiatrist, and a new therapist. I have always loved the IDEA of change, and I thought that change would be a good thing. But now I see that change can actually send me into rapid cycling. I did indeed chop my hair off and am going shopping for new clothes this weekend. But where I FEEL I should find relief in changing things, I find myself being anxios and unsettled. Not content. Is this just a personality flaw, that I am too high-maintenance or can it be a signal of Bi-Polar???

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