A Normal Teen

I’m a sixteen year old girl, going on 17 on the 15th of May. I’ve been diagnosed early bipolar, I thought I could handle the world, especially high school and university, however, I couldn’t handle sophomore year. My moods flared, my anxiety got me sent home by the counselors and nurse. I was tired of trying, so I stopped going. I even caused fighting between my closest school friends and myself, one of which no longer wants anything to do with me.I yelled and got violent in school, after having her male friends shove me. The point is, I let my mood and my anxiety win my life. I really wanted to graduate next year and now I’d never be able to catch up, I start to do so good, all A’s and one B and then the streak ends out of nowhere. Anyway, my question is, is it still possible I can successfully be a teenage girl while trying to live with this? It feels like I can’t control my own self. I really wanted my diploma and prom, now I’ll settle for a GED. I’m really afraid of going to college. Do a lot of bipolar teens go onto be successful in large college environments?  I just need some hope.

If hope is what you need then I have hope for you!

I asked my daughter to help write this one as she is right where you are, but I also wanted to show you where I am and the education and success I have had in the working world.

My daughter will also be 17 this year and is finishing up her junior year.  Over the last 5 years she has been hospitalized a number of times, resulting in the diagnosis of bipolar, PTSD, RAD and social anxiety disorder.  She is struggling in some classes but this is the first school year where she has made it through without being hospitalized (she only has 5) weeks left.  Her grades are decent and she is excited about being a senior.

Her advice to you is speak to your counselor at school, because he/she is able to make modifications to the amount of homework you are given.  She also said find one friend that you can be completely honest with and share your disorder with so that when you are starting to have problems emotionally they will be able to help you through those times without you backing away from everything.  She also said make a schedule for yourself.  Taking into consideration everything!  From when you get up to when you sit down and do your homework and when you go to bed.  She also said make sure you take time to get out of the house every once in a while.  Staying active and to a routine has really helped my daughter this year stay well even when school became overwhelming.  Plus she has routinely seen her doctor and therapist.

For additional hope, I want to share with you that I went to college, obtained a BA in Psychology, and an MS in Education with several teaching credentials.  When work became too much I would ask for an extension, but I did it!  I now have a wonderful career working with troubled teens in the classroom sharing my experience with them.  All things are possible!

Remember you are not bipolar, but have bipolar therefore you can take control over it, manage it and be successful!

Good Luck to you hon, you will make it!

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