Living with a Bipolar Person

My brother was diagnosed two years ago. He is on depakote and quitipin. but his normal phase seems to last for only a few weeks at the most. His consumption of alcohol has increased. His absenteeism from work has increased. In the country we live it is not easy to get psychiatric help or i would be grateful if you could tell me what to do. He seems to be going downhill and I feel helpless watching him. Please help me to help him.


I can only imagine how hard it is to see someone you like, like your brother, going downhill.  I can’t begin to imagine what it was like for those around me when I myself was going downhill.  I think one of the main things that is causing your brother to go downhill is his alcohol consumption.  Alcohol consumption is not good for people with mood disorders because alcohol is a depressant and works against us.  Also, there are many medications that are affected by alcohol consumption in a negative way and that are counteracted by alcohol consumption.  If you can get him to control the alcohol consumption, that may help greatly in leveling out his moods and medications.  If you feel that he is a danger to himself or to others though, he needs immediate medical attention and you should bring him to the hospital ASAP.  They will be able to help him there and keep him safe and from doing something harmful to himself or to anyone else.  If he is seeing a doctor at all to get his prescriptions, I would try to talk to your brother to see if he would be willing to go see the doctor.  Maybe you can offer to go with him if he doesn’t seem really eager to.

The alcohol can be playing a huge part in all of this, so trying to get him to cut back on the drinking would be helpful while you wait for a doctors appointment.  You may have to look up some substance abuse programs in your area.  They will be able to help give you suggestions or refer you to meeting that your brother, or both of you (if he doesn’t want to go alone) might be able to attend.

Just please be mindful that if your brother is talking about suicide, hurting himself in anyway or hurting anybody else in anyway, you must take him to the hospital.  He absolutely needs professional medical attention at that point.

I hope this helped a little bit.  If you have any further questions, feel free to email us back.  Good luck with your brother.  I think it’s an incredibly awesome thing that you are helping your brother like this.

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  1. I also used to drink and alcohol for someone with bipolar frankly only leads to bad things. For example, heavy alcohol use makes it far more difficult, if not impossible for the doctor to prescribe the proper medication.

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