How do I help my boyfriend understand my bi-polar?

How do I help my boyfriend understand my bi-polar?


Although this may sound like a simple task if given the proper instructions, you may encounter some complications in the process. Which brings me to pose the most important question you’ll need to address before sharing the wealth of knowledge available to your boyfriend.

Does he want to understand?

Unless our significant others want to understand, no amount of books, blogs or other sources of information are going to do a dang thing. Because if they don’t want to learn about it, everything we teach them is going to run right through them like a spicy been burrito, in one end and out the other!

Two things can happen in a case such as this. 1) They can learn to accept you for who you are and quit their complaining because it’s their fault they don’t get what you’re going through, or 2) They can hit the road and let you move on to someone who wants to be involved in your recovery and health maintenance.

Okay, enough of that small rant.

So however, if your significant other IS interested in growing to understand your illness and everything that comes with it, there are many excellent resources available to help.

The first place you can start is by learning as much as you can yourself. I mean who is going to want to learn about an illness that the illnessee (new word, I’m trademarking it!) doesn’t even know anything about? The more you know, the more you understand about yourself, the easier it will be to help your boyfriend understand as well.

The second best place to begin is the internet and books. Read read read. Read with him. There are excellent books that explain bipolar, some of which are memoirs that help bring the reader into the mind of what it’s like to BE bipolar (Such as Madness by Marya Hornbacher!)

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And as always, if you have any more questions, never hesitate to ask!

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