Do you know about a special diet that can improve our illness ?

Do you know about a special diet that can improve our illness ?


First let me begin by saying ~DO NOT DISCONTINUE ANY OF YOUR MEDICATIONS OR TAKE ANY SUPPLEMENTS WITHOUT FIRST DISCUSSING WITH YOUR DOCTOR~ I am not a doctor by any means, this is not medical advice. This is just a little bit of my opinion with a little bit of information thrown in there. Whew…. now that we got all that out of the way let’s get down to brass tax….

Ok, from the research I’ve read this is what I found out. A small study was done with an extremely small group of individuals and it was discovered that there does seem to be a link between diet and Bipolar. There were four things that seemed to help the intensity and frequency of mood swings: Omega 3, Magnesium, Vitamin B & Low blood sugar. However when being treated Doctors rarely consider diets. In a publication they even go so far as to recommend a dietician or nutritionist as part of your treatment team.
I’m sure everyone can agree that after you’ve eaten you feel a certain way. After you eat fast food you feel sluggish or I know I do, after you eat a chocolate cake you feel happy and energized….point being your moods change slightly. We should take in to account what we are putting into our bodies. Maintaining a proper diet can help maintain a steady mood. We all should know the basic facts by now:

  • Eat three meals a day (or several small meals)
  • Don’t skip meals (especially breakfast)
  • Eat a well balanced diet (try this link
  • Drink little if any caffeine & alcohol

Quick tip ~ Stay away from sugary snacks. Junk food is just that Junk. Sure it’ll give you a nice rush for a few minutes but about an hour later (or less) you’re crashing and burning and leaves you feeling sleepy or even grumpy and wanting more sweets. So try to stay away from white rice, potato chips, cookies, crackers & pasta. Replace the Junk with good stuff like whole grains, fruits & vegetables. That’s brain fuel and it won’t leave you on such a roller coaster. However, it is recommended in my research that you don’t go overboard and eat only protein & vegetables. It needs to be balanced. A diet that’s too restrictive is just going to lead to your downfall and back to old, bad habits

An interesting fact is that countries high in fish consumption have a lower depression rate. It seems the Omega 3 fatty acid in the fish helps stabilize the mood by having a positive effect on brain chemistry. People on low fat diets tend to be crankier according to some studies.
Chocolate can be a mood booster because all of its ingredients work together to boost excitatory neurotransmitters. (oh oh big words lol) But then again too much chocolate just leaves you feeling sick to your stomach and that’s never good. So everything should come in moderation.
Some people may consider Herbs as an alternative treatment or as part of their diet. Herbs have their usefulness in the world but let me stress that even herbs no matter how “Natural” come with side effects and risks and you should NEVER start taking anything without talking to your doctor first and you should NEVER stop taking your prescribed medication without talking to your doctor first. Both situations can be very dangerous.

Thank you for letting me answer this question for you. I hope it was informative enough for you and everything you needed. I enjoyed reading up on the topic and feel that I learned something today. I hope you have too.

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