New Diagnosis

I’ve had depression for years which i have been treated for but recently was correctly and finally diagnosed with bipolar. When starting new meds does anyone feel “weird” like not having the mood swings isn’t normal? It’s hard to describe but I’m ‘feeling” odd with these new “normal” moods. Is this common?



Being misdiagnosed and treated first for depression, seems to be quite common.  I also was misdiagnosed for many years with depression, so when I was being treated, my treatments were just for depression so the bipolar symptoms were always present.    When I was finally diagnosed with bipolar and put on a different medication regime, it definitely felt different.  Those lingering symptoms from previous treatments  had started to fade.  It definitely felt weird because those previously untreated symptoms had been a part of my life for a very long time.  When you have something for a long period of time, you get pretty used to it and just adapt to it; it “grows on you” they say.  So of course, once it leaves, it feels weird because there is a void where those symptoms used to be.

Before you decide to get treatment, you are usually at all ends of the spectrum with uncontrollable moods and everything just seems crazed.  There are so many things going on in your head, and it never seems dull.  When you seek treatment,however,  and they begin treating you for a correct diagnosis, things do change, especially if you follow the treatment plan.  You eventually begin to stabalize which can definitely feel weird to go from a world of quickly changing extremes to a world of constant mediocre.  You may miss the energy of a hypomanic or manic episode, or the emotions and feelings you are able to channel and connect with during a deep depression. And its perfectly normal to miss that and normal to feel weird because this new stable feeling, is so much different than what you are used to.  Its like you are waiting for that mood to shift at any moment, you are prepared for that shoe to drop, you expect its coming any second…… but it doesn’t.  So then what?

You don’t let this weird stability fool you!!!!!   It probably feels weird because it has been so long since you have experienced stable moods, that you forgot what they felt like, but the mood swings can still come back.  They may not be as severe or as often, but I think almost all of us have been a touch hypo or manic here and there, or have hit a patch of deep depression.  As I said earlier, I believe its normal for it to feel weird.   To be able to go more than a few hours, or more than one day, or even one week with your feelings on the same level is definitely a new and different feeling.   Not everything that is weird is bad though. Heck, I think I’m weird and I know that I’m not bad!!!!!  I just take some getting used to! 🙂  But, after a while, the stability will become normal and the moods will become the weird feeling.    The main thing is, that despite how different things feel now, it will soon become comfortable. And even when they do become comfortable, it is important to continue your treatment.  Not all weird feelings are bad, but can definitely lead to great things!!!!!!! 🙂


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