If I ask a question … will you answer it?

Well I’m going to ask a question anyway! Cuz I’m considerate like that.

My weight tends to fluctuate with my moods. I’m wondering if everyone experiences this?

The more extreme my mood is, the more extreme the weight change. When I’m massively manic, I’m pin skinny. I don’t have time to eat, and I definitely don’t want to eat because um HELLO, I look awesome right now, food would ruin that.

The depression is the weird one for me though. If I’m mildly depressed, I just don’t care. I eat what I want when I want and could care less. But if I’m majorly depressed, I’m back to not eating again. I already hate my body because while the depression was not so sever I gained a few pounds, and the more severe it gets the more I start to feel guilty about it. Not to mention the fact that I’m spending way too much time sleeping and you can’t eat and sleep at the same time.

How does your mood affect your eating habits? Do you get as extreme as I do? Or do your meds prevent you from having any control over your weight in the first place?

3 thoughts on “If I ask a question … will you answer it?

  1. When I am manic I loose a ton of weight. And I feel really sexy and that can get me into trouble. But when I am depressed I pack the weight back on as fast as I lost it. It is almost like a yo-yo diet. Which I guess in a way that is what it is. Right now I am stable. Which means I am on a good combination of meds (for my moods). I have put on way to much weight with these meds and it is making me VERY self conscious. I love that fact that I am stable and I am afraid to try any other drugs; but my weight is making my decision for me, I am going to have to try something new.

  2. My moods do affect my eating habits, but because of my previous history with eating disorders, it is severely monitored by my doctor. When I am manic, I do lose weight, but when I am depressed, I gain a lot of weight because i don’t go anywhere or do anything and believe, Hey, I’m fat and ugly anyway, might as well get fat and uglier. However, I do have set weights that if I fall below or go above, I got into major freak out mode which can lead to extreme dieting and old habits. It stinks, but the happier I am, the less I eat and when I do it, I tend to eat healthier. But, drinking also plays a big role. During the summer, I am always out on my boat at boat parties and drinking. That adds major pounds, makes my moods go crazy bc of the combo of alcohol and meds, and just creates chaos. So, I have make sure that I keep my wieght somewhat in check bc too extreme of a gain or loss in either direction is bad……

  3. I’m sure that my weight would fluctuate a great deal if my mood wasn’t so up and down. Rapid cycling moods mean that I can be up and down and up again within the week. On the days when I’m energised or anxious, I forget to eat of I can’t bring myself to eat much. When I do eat I grab something quick (ie. unhealthy). When I’m down the first thing I do is reach for comfort food. (ie. unhealthy). So, although my weight doesn’t fluctuate heaps, the end result is that the more extreme the mood swings, the more unhealthy my diet.

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