How does a mixed mood feel?

How does a mixed mood feel? Would that be like Anger + Suicidal Thoughts? I have been there before, but im just not sure what ‘mixed’ means.


A mixed state is one where you exemplify qualities of both manic and depressive states at the same time. There are two types of mixed states, dysphoric mania and agitated depression. When you have dysphoric mania it means that you are having more manic symptoms than depressive. When you’re in the midst of agitated depression you exhibit more symptoms of depression than mania. In both instances you are a mix of what it means to be manic or depressive. These mixed states tend to last at least a week but not usually as long as a purely manic or depressive state.

Mixed states could be the most dangerous to those suffering with the bipolar illness. During this time one often has depressive thoughts with manic energy. What that essentially means is this: A person can feel worthless, hopeless, and have hatred towards themselves. They may also be extremely energetic and irrational anger that comes with a typical manic state. Combine these two elements and you have a deadly combination. The individual in a mixed state may turn that irrational anger inward and combined with the depressive symptoms want out of the situation.  When depressed alone the individual may not have the energy to go though with a suicide but in a mixed state they have all the energy in the  world, thus very dangerous.

I didn’t realize how much I would actually have mixed states occur until I began writing in a mood journal detailing my ups and downs emotionally. I thought that most of my swings were purely manic or depressive, not mixed. By writing my emotions down each day I could
chart when I was up (manic), down (depressive) or all around (mixed).

Below are some examples of a mood chart:

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