Is bipolar disorder causing fits of rage and anger?

Does my bipolar cause my fits of rage and anger?

Having bipolar disorder does not necessarily cause fits of rage and anger in people. I do not believe that people with bipolar will all be plagued with problems of anger/rage.  I suppose one could argue that we are more prone to anger and rage because our emotions are often extremely intense and magnified which sometimes does get the best of us.  But anger can get the best of many people not just those with bipolar disorder.  It seems to me that there are plenty of people out there without mental illness who can become very angry and are quite capable of flying into a rage.

There are a lot of different factors that can lead to someone acting out in anger.  For instance people who engage in “road rage” can’t all have bipolar disorder.  The same can be said for people who “abuse drugs” or “take steroids” they can exhibit a lot of anger and rage as well.  And for some people drinking too much “alcohol” can trigger meanness, anger and sometimes rage in people.  Even things like PMS can contribute to a woman becoming very irritable, angry and sometimes throwing a fit of rage.  A person may have also developed “anger problems” as a child if they were subjected to “abuse” or “played too many violent video games”.

My point being is that there are way too many factors that may lead a person to anger, so I do not believe that when I experience anger it is due to my having bipolar disorder.  I could try and blame my anger on having bipolar disorder but that seems a bit ridiculous to me.  And for some people they have no problem blaming their anger on everything but the “kitchen sink”.  I think that anybody in the right set of circumstances is prone to anger or rage it’s just that some people can manage their anger quite effectively while others cannot.

That being said do I think it is more difficult for a person with bipolar disorder to control their anger and avoid having fits of rage?  Well I can only speak for myself as I think that a person’s thoughts, perceptions, reactions and feelings are “very individual”.  In addition to that some of us have learned and developed effective coping skills and tools to help us manage our anger.  Bipolar or not I believe that we all deal with things like anger/rage in different ways.  And for a lot of us who have bipolar, it can be more difficult for us to keep our anger under control especially if that anger becomes “too intense”.

What tends to happen with me is that the anger seems to build up over time, I become stressed and then I become emotionally and mentally overloaded.  As a result I become “overwhelmed very quickly”.  Sometimes this triggers “anxiety and panic” in me other times it triggers anger and in the past some very out of control raging.  But now that I have insight into this I have a better understanding of how my anger is triggered and how it can affect me.  But just because this is how I experience anger it doesn’t mean that the next person with bipolar disorder will react to their anger in the same way.  I think that having bipolar disorder creates many different “obstacles” that we have to deal with and try to overcome.  For some of us things like “irritability, depression and suicidal thinking” can be more problematic for us than “anger/rage”.   Even things like our cultural, educational, religious and family background can affect the way each one of us deals with not only anger but with other feelings and life stressors in general.

I think that your question is a good one because it really starts to get us to think about our own anger/rage and how it can impact us and others around us.  The way I see it is that all of us experience “anger” along with other feelings in some way or form.  I think that the important thing is for everyone to gain insight into themselves whether they have a mental illness or not.  If we are able to “identify what our own triggers are” then we can start to work on managing and controlling things like anger so it does not progress to rage.  If anything becomes problematic in your life not just anger/rage the best thing you can do is to go and get help for yourself.

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  1. Now i know why there are so many road rage drivers on the road these days which they really need help very badly.

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