It’s Officially Anniversary Week!

Today marks the beginning of a new annual ritual, ANNIVERSARY WEEK! It will be full of contests and prizes and updates and reveals. So hold on to your pants kids. It all begins here!

Let’s start if off with a little video from our first night at the Nami Convention shall we? (Please don’t laugh at the quality … this is the first vlog I’ve ever done!)

Stay tuned for more updates!

2 thoughts on “It’s Officially Anniversary Week!

  1. No randome strangers were hurt, but maybe my pride a lil bit because I couldn’t even hit one of those boxes with the beach ball! MAN!!!! SEEE, this is why I was the cheerleader and not an athlete!!!!!!! 🙂

    AND…. GRASSY KNOLLS WERE IMPORTANT IN THE JFK ASSASINATION INVESTIGATION!!! 🙂 Ya never know when you need to be aware of those!


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