Contest 1 and another NAMI Convention Vlog

As promised, we are going to be holding a few contests for our Anniversary Week. Today’s contest is quite simple and the winner gets some awesomeness prizes!

The winner of today’s contest will win …


An Ask a Bipolar T-Shirt (size of their choice)


An Ask a Bipolar Tote Bag


Just a bit o’ swag 🙂

The Rules

Your names will be put into a hat (My Trinity Swag Hat to be more specific) … one for each point you earn.

Points are as follows …

+2 Points – Simply watch today’s Vlog, comment on the post telling us your favorite part of our NAMI Convention experience (Day One Vlog can be found Here)

+2 Points – Post a link to us on your facebook and/or twitter page.

+1 Point for following us on Facebook

+1 Point for following us on Twitter

Then post your total point count in your Comment below!

The more points you earn the more chance you’ll have to win!


Pssst … Did you see Fall Girl’s Rankings?!?! STILL a bit in shock 🙂


9 thoughts on “Contest 1 and another NAMI Convention Vlog

  1. I dont know if im too late but i just got around to reading this post… sorry…. but anyway… I got all 6 points.

  2. oh my comment about what I like about your nami experience I forgot, I like that yall met so many people and got so much information. I think it is very useful.

  3. We were meet-n-greet-n machines!!!!! 🙂 My favorite part was my poor throwing skillz!!!!! But if Prince would have cooperated, I think that would have provided a LOT more entertainment! 🙂

  4. My favorite part was that you guys were able to make so many contacts which will help the site. I also loved Marybeth’s use of the word “awesomeness” and Christi trying to use her dog to wake up Marybeth. 🙂

  5. Hey! I’m Babs (‘Barbara’ when I’m officially on the job). I met you at NAMI when you came to visit us at the Ticket to Work booth. I shared with my team lead and social media team our need to share with you some info. re. Ticket to Work so those who live with a mental illness and want to work can do so! In the meantime, when your readers ask, “Where do I start?” send them to us! All the best!

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