How has Ask a Bipolar impacted your life? Mama Bear Answers

As a mom of a young child with a mood disorder, I’m so thankful for Ask a Bipolar. Like many parents raising children with mental illnesses, I’m left in the dark in so many ways. In our experience, the medical community is afraid to diagnose children for many reasons, but the unfortunate outcome is a lot of unanswered questions.

Over the past year, I’ve turned to Ask a Bipolar on more than several occasions to ask those tough questions. It’s a blessing to have access to other individuals that share my son’s symptoms, helping to give me understanding and encouragement where it’s needed most. I’m also thrilled to see so many amazing individuals open up and share their stories on Ask a Bipolar, I know that this is one more positive step in creating a world where my son will not have to hide due to the negative stigma associated with mental illness. This website gives me hope and in this journey, that’s a remarkable gift to have.

Thank you Ask A Bipolar for being there for us everyday!
Mama Bear

One thought on “How has Ask a Bipolar impacted your life? Mama Bear Answers

  1. I am glad that this site has provided help and support and guidance to those dealing with bipolar at ALL ages!!!!! THis site also give me hope in the fight against stigma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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