Voilence Towards Others

What should someone do when their adult child gets violent? Little bit of background…42 year old child, we live in Michigan, she is currently in jail on a Domestic Violence charge against mom, has prescribed meds but goes off them, sees counselor at local Community Mental Health…it has gotten to the point that mom is scared of daughter and cannot have her in her home any longer. Counselor doesn’t seem to think she needs any inpatient treatment. Mom has asked for help with filing forms to have her ordered to inpatient treatment but is refused. Daughter does well when she does take her meds. How can she get help for her daughter?


This is a complicated one for you and your family… and from what you write here it sounds like the person is fine and then doesn’t stay on the medication that helped her with her moods. There would be, essentially, two ways to help your daughter… and of course neither of them are easy.
1) Try to help her understand that the medication is what helps her feel better [and stable]… thus less violent it sounds like in this case. That’s not easy for the person to reconcile sometimes… that they need to take something for the rest of their lives to help them… maybe try to find some aspect of their life they really care about, or someone they really care about, and how being stable and safe will help make that even better.
2) This is the really tough one… it could be taken from your comments that she may be ‘unfit’ to make proper decisions regarding her own mental health. The key word here is ‘incompetent’. With the help of a lawyer, with mental health experience, you could try to have her ruled as ‘incompetent’ of taking care of herself… with that done then she will be required to take the medication and usually within a hospital environment. See your local laws around this, again with the help of a lawyer.
Best of luck and best wishes!

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