What do I do now?

i was diagnosed bipolar manic depressed in 1996. i have severe symptoms and my friends and family have nicknamed me TRIPOLAR. i have very little work history..troubled relationships and  exhausted mentality. at the request of mhmr..i applied for s.s. and have been denied twice. not in anyway “bragging” but im one of the EXTREME bipolar sufferers and it feels like im about to snap. its hard to bite my tongue. what now??


All too often those with our kind of conditions can get caught up in the diagnosis we have and it really hurts our situation – knowing the diagnosis gives context and can be a general guide for treatment, but ultimately the diagnosis doesn’t change how we’re feeling. The key, in my opinion is to focus on what you’re feeling and how best to manage those symptoms with the help of professionals. One example I’d like to point out is that multiple times in your question you note that you are an ‘extreme case’ with ‘severe symptoms’ and those adjectives certainly are not going to help you feel better! You are a person who also happens to have a mood disorder… that is all. One of my therapists always tells me “You are special, but not -that- special” – that one always hits home for me.
If you don’t already I would suggest finding an office that has both therapists (talk therapy) and psychiatrists… not only can they help you from both the medical and psychological points of view, but they will be able to help coordinate your care better. Luckily we live in a time where all of these symptoms are treatable!

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