What are your thoughts on ECT?

I have recently become allergic to many antidepressants and what doesn’t give me asthma makes me manic. ECT is being suggested. I’m not keen on this option. Does anyone have thoughts about this treatment? Thanks


ECT involves placing electrodes on the temples, on one or both sides of the patient’s head, and delivering a small electrical current. This aims to shock the brain and to restore its natural chemical balance. ECT is often used in people who are close to or have attempted suicide as a fast measure to ‘put things right’. It is a proven method and does work for many patients.

ECT and anti-depressants as a follow up is a good strategy in ensuring long term wellness. There is no need to fear ECT which many people associate with the old films of electric shock therapy and again its a very proven device to solving depression.

My advice is this, if you have exhausted all other options and you want to get better you should try it. A friend of mine had ECT and it changed his life. He suffered from uni-polar for twenty years and ECT rectified that. Its not scary old castle walls with a mad scientist yelling and screaming but a very well controlled environment with your wellness in mind always.

3 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on ECT?

  1. Thank you for this post, Peter. I’ve always wanted to know more about ECT as I’ve never tried it. I’ve always gone the meds and therapy route. It sounds like something that I would try in the future after discussing it with my doctor. Not as scary as old movies like you mentioned.

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  2. Great answer Peter! You allayed people’s fear of a very proven and useful method with minimal side effects for treating medication resistive depression. My own doctor has recommended it as an option for me, if after one or two more tries of adjusting my medications my depressive symptoms aren’t relieved.
    Again, fantastic answer and great job!

  3. Thanks Peter. However, I’m not convinced. I have read as widely as I can to try to get a balanced view on this issue and pretty well across the board the ‘sucess’ rate is quoted at between 60-70 percentage with many people relapsing after 4 weeks. And that is after a course of 12+ treatments. If it works for some people that’s great but I’m not prepared to risk unquantifiable memory loss and what may be regular sessions euphemistically described as ‘top ups’. Not sure what I am going to do re: medications but ECT is out, for me.

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