Why Does He Still Come Back

I dated a guy 4 years ago, a man I loved with my entire heart and soul, only to find out in our last year of the relationship he was bipolar.  By then, the relationship was withering to the brink of nothingness. We broke up and he moved 600km’s from me but he still calls me to check up on me. He even confessed that he knew nothing about love and yet when we were in a relationship he professed his love to me. Why does he still call me when we have nothing in common anymore and clearly has no feelings for me?

It’s obvious that he still calls you because he cares about you. Just because your love relationship ended doesn’t have to mean that you have nothing in common or that you just cease caring about one another. His confession that he knew nothing about love might simply be his way of telling you that he did not handle the relationship the way he wanted to. Relationships are hard; adding a mental illness into the mix only makes it harder. It takes a special person, who is not ego driven or easily hurt, to be in a relationship with an unstable individual with bipolar disorder. Most of the rage and anger a bipolar person throws out there is due to their unstable psyche and not due to their true feelings about their loved ones. It shouldn’t be taken personally.

I’m sure it’s hard when he calls. It may bring up sadness and old feelings on your part. If this is true, if it bothers you that he calls, you may want to tell him that although you still care about him, you have moved on and it would be best for him not to call anymore.

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