AaB FounderFAIL (But I love you!!!)

Otherwise Known as MBFAIL

So I run this REALLY cool website called Ask a Bipolar. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Perhaps?

Well, I don’t want to brag, but I’m usually less than pretty much stellar when it comes to keeping up with stuff. Sadly, however, I once again bow in shame as I admit *wipes tears from her eyes*, I’ve fallen behind in emails and questions. *ducks to avoid flying shoes and tomatoes*

So today, I’m happy to announce, I am putting all my other duties aside and responding to everyone!!! *listens as the crowd roars*

In the mean time, in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to that has kept me from being the Awesome AaB Founder I strive to be … here’s a little bit of what’s been going down in MB Land.

Starting in November I began blogging for International Bipolar Foundation (view my IBPF blog corner here), then in December for bpHope Magazine (view my posts here), and most recently I was offered the opportunity to blog for WebMD (and yes I did a tiny happy dance and yes, you can view my first post here.)

In February we moved once again, so January, February and March were insane trying to cope with all the change plus trying to get through school all while battling yet another stupid bout of depression. (Stupid Depression!)

Most of April was spent preparing and celebrating my husband becoming Catholic and little PDog making his First Communion. I’m so proud of both of them … but I’m not gonna lie … I’m so happy to have all the stress of the parties and such out of the way. Plus, I had to finish up with my Spring semester of college. It got to be so much I ended up dropping two classes. Sigh …

Then of course, I’ve been working on the sequel to Fall Girl. FINALLY made some breakthroughs recently, so I’ve been a bit busy making them come to life. Plus the whole Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest thing. (Made it to the quarter finals though. Top 500 out of 10K isn’t too shabby!) Needless to say, I need to get my bum in gear so I can get that off my plate!

So, although these events are a poor attempt to excuse my poor foundering skillz, I’m TRYING to get back on track. Which includes (cross your fingers)

  • The first 2012 Newsletter
  • The Best of AaB 2010 – 2011 Book Release (We should totally do something super fun with that)
  • A few really cool announcements
  • The return of “Song of the Day”
  • A few new interviews
  • An entirely new segment/column/what have you
  • A few website upgrades
  • And HOPEFULLY a trip to Seattle in June with a wee bit of live coverage from the NAMI 2012 National Convention

So please be patient friends!!! I promise I’m not intentionally avoiding all my duties. (Procrastinating … nah … okay well maybe, but did you see how long that list was!?!?!?) Hope everyone is having a fantabulous spring and getting all geared up for the summer!!!

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your feedback here!