Sammi was diagnosed with depression at age 11 and put on medicine. Her psychiatrist at the time tried a few different medicines, and when she still reported thoughts of suicide, she was placed in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. There she was diagnosed manic depressive, which later changed to bipolar.

At 12, I Sammi began to self-harm, which meant more trips inpatient. In high school, she was diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia, OCD, anxiety, and a few others while also continuing to self-harm. She finally went to a new psychiatrist and he funneled all the diagnoses down to bi-polar and borderline personality disorder.

Sammi has attempted suicide more times than she can count, been in the hospital probably more times than that, in partial programs, residential treatment facilities-you name it and she’s probably done it. She still struggles on a daily basis with her mental health, as well as the resulting physical health problems. She will go a time being just fine, then she’ll go into either a manic episode or a depressed episode, where she will have to change her medicine and, usually, end up in the hospital. She is just now starting to open up about all the abuse she encountered throughout her life, and finds that to be a huge relief.

Now in intensive treatment and working towards stability, she now realizes she will always have episodes but is hoping to be able to spread some wisdom about bipolar and mental health. She is ecstatic to have the opportunity through this site to help and advise people!!!

You can contact Sammi via email at sammi @ askabipolar . com (remove spaces first)