Christi (yup, that’s me!) is 35 years old and was diagnosed with Bipolar II in 2006. She was very lucky to have found Ask A Bipolar and it’s founder Marybeth.  Not only did Ask A Bipolar help her learn more about her illness, it jump started her path into the Mental Health Blogosphere. Marybeth has handed the torch over to her now, so she kind of (ok, not kind of, DOES) run this awesome site now.  She’s really excited about how things are turning out for her in the land of mental health advocacy and social media.  But, how did it all begin? Let’s start from the beginning.

Her journey began in high school where she was a very depressed perfectionist and had trouble keeping friends. She turned to eating disorders (both anorexia and bulimia) and was treated sporadically by various campus doctors, until 2004. Her and her depressed,  eating disordered butt landed into the office of a psychotherapist, who still remains her psychotherapist (I can’t even imagine how thick my file is! we’ve been through A LOT together!). Together they worked through the eating disorders and depression, until 2006 when she checked into the hospital and was diagnosed with Bipolar II. After a 2 week stay, she was released into a full-time outpatient therapy program, which she completed 6 months later, in March 2007.   It was in the outpatient therapy program that she learned a great deal, not just about herself and her own illness, but about relating to others and healthy relationships.

Her family and friends, have been, and continue to be, supportive as she soars up and down on the bipolar coaster while doing her best to attain stability in the curve balls that life has been throwing her these days.  She had a minor (ok, it wasn’t minor, it was pretty major) faceplant in January 2012 when she crashed and burned and went on disability leave from her paralegal career.  She got divorced and then entered the world of chronic pain when she herniated a disc in her lower back and had to have back surgery.  She is now working her way back up to the top and trying to reassemble the pieces of her life that fell apart.

Prior to her major faceplant, Christi had been a blogger for International Bipolar Foundation (and published in their book, Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder), started her own blog and website called Musings of the Bipolar Hot Mess.  She was a Psych Central Mental Health Hero 2013, a Mental Health Warrior 2015, and has received other award nominations for her website

You can contact Christi via email at christi @ askabipolar . com (removes spaces after pasting)

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