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I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 20. I was shocked and did not want to believe what I was hearing, but it was my reality at the time. I messed around and played with my medications because when I felt better I stopped taking my medicines then I was back to square one. How many have done that? Many people I have talked to have done that. It’s a fact and let’s face it, side effects from prescription medications stink. I hate them.

As time went on I met a man whom I adored and fell in love with almost right away. He knew I had Bipolar Disorder and had been through a hospitalization with me. I decided at 24 years old I had better stay on medications if I was going to stay married and have him support me morally. So….I made the jump and just stayed on my meds even though I didn’t want to.

In the meantime, I got married in 1996 at 27 years old and had three babies in three years time with the last baby being born in 2002. Things in my body sure did change. I was stable for over six years on the same medications. In 2010 things started going very awry and in 2011 I spent four different hospital stays in our local psychiatric unit. No matter what medication regimen we tried, it didn’t work and I was depressed for months. Eighteen months to be exact. I had some temporary “up” times, but not many. Plus, let’s add that I was having auditory hallucinations and some rapid cycling as well! All I could think of is I wanted to die! I put myself in the hospital all those times because I was afraid I would hurt myself and I just couldn’t bare the thought of my husband being a widower and my children motherless because I was selfish and committed suicide. I knew there had to be something to help me, but what would it be?

Getting discouraged and at my wits’ end, I asked my psychiatrist if there was something else I could try. She and I talked and she mentioned a machine called Alpha Stimulation. I researched it and she wrote me a prescription for it. Thankfully, in our little city we had a provider for this equipment. I was able to rent the machine at first to see if it worked then I had the option to purchase it. I did purchase it! It is a spendy piece of equipment but it was working and my husband was willing to part with the money in order to help me.

Let me say that I have had great benefits from this piece of equipment. It does not work for everybody and some people have a slow start to getting any results. However, over eighty-seven percent of people who try this get results. Needless to say, within two weeks I noticed a change. My depression was starting to lift and my anxiety was under control. I was not using any anxiety meds whatsoever. I now haven’t used any Xanax in over two months. This form of treatment has been the marker in my getting out of this depression and controlling the horrible anxiety.

I am still taking medication and always will, but I am taking less now. I am only taking two different medicines and before I always took four or more.

Now, I will be honest. I am not exactly sure how this machine works and I haven’t really studied it too much. I know it helps to produce more Alpha waves in your brain which is what helps you. I just know it worked for me. There is a website I would encourage you to peruse if you are interested and then present it to your provider to see what he or she thinks. The website for the information on the equipment is They have excellent information and I would encourage you to look there.

Also, if you suffer from migraines or other pains, there is an Alpha Stim machine for that, too. Many people who have Bipolar Disorder have chronic pain, Fibromyalgia or other painful ailments. I really feel for those that suffer with those things, too.

I am so thankful for a psychiatrist who thinks outside of the box. It has been a blessing to have her in my life. At time time, she was just as frustrated as I was because I was getting no relief from conventional treatment.

I hope and pray that some of you that are suffering can get relief either from different medication regimens or the possibility of Alpha Stimulation and medications combined.

Don’t give up! Press on with life! There are answers out there for everyone! Sometimes, we have to really work to get them, but it’s always worth it in the end!

My hope is that if any of you are suffering and this article helped you then I have done the right thing by writing it!

If you have any questions on the Alpha Stimulation equipment or anything else Bipolar then feel free to email me at slfunk3763 @ hotmail . com (remove spaces). I would love to hear from you!



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  1. Hi, my name is Paul….I need serious help with my Bipolar disorder. I also have been diagnosed with ADD as well. I’m taking Ritalin and lamictal (the lamictal) does help….with anger, and frustration, however my thought process and thinking properly are damaged. I don’t know if its the Ritalin causing these issues or what….my Bipolar disorder is beginning to cripple me. I was diagnosed with ADHD as child, but nothing was done to help me. I went through elementary, Jr high, and High school being bullied and beat up because I couldn’t think straight, and because I couldn’t concentrate on any of the subject matter, plus I was different than everyone else. I tried to fit in, but it was a lost cause…no one wanted to be around me, I had no friends. I failed 2 years of school, and was retained in 5th and 10th grade, do to my failing grades! The bullying did help too much either, it made things even worse. Every where I went in my life, I’ve been ridiculed, laughed at and abandoned! Also to make things even more difficult, I am a recovering addict to boot. 20 years of drugs and alcohol tore me up as well. I went through addiction treatment in 1986, and have been clean every since, 30 yrs and counting, however, my ADD has gotten worse. I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar and ADD disorders 3 years ago, and have been taking Ritalin and lamictal, but it doesn’t seem to helping what so ever! My memory is shot, and my thinking is so impaired that its tearing me up! I haven’t ever been able to hold a job in over 40 years.I get a job, and either quit or get fired due to my memory being shot by not remembering what I was asked to complete. 1 min after someone tells me something, I totally forget what they said within that min. Happens in all conversations! I don’t know what to do, who to talk with or where to go…..I am stumped! I didn’t mean to take up so much room on this page. I still have more to say, but will stop for now! Thank you for listening

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