Are there any careers that people with bp disorder cannot do?

Are there any careers that people with bp disorder cannot do?


Legally? As far as I know, absolutely not.

Physically? I’m pretty sure having bp does not affect your ability to lift 20lbs or drive a car. (Not that it doesn’t affect you motivation to do so) So I’m gonna go with no on this one too….but with the caveat of being at a point of stability.

Now mentally and emotionally? That’s a whole different story.

Being bipolar does not bar you from any one career choice. If you are determined and you are taking care of yourself (via meds and therapy) then you can be what ever the heck you want to be!

That’s not to say that every job is RIGHT for someone with bipolar. It all depends on your stability and/or your ability to stay stable. But to be honest, if you are unable to remain stable, I’m not sure any career is going to be right for you at the moment. However, if you’re condition is well managed, dream big and work hard dang it! Just because you have bipolar does NOT mean you are incapable of doing everything someone without the illness can do. (And when it comes to certain careers, heck, us bipolarees can probably do it even better!)

How about you? Are there any certain careers you have not been able to perform due to your illness???

Here are a couple of links to reference about knowing your rights in the workplace.

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7 thoughts on “Are there any careers that people with bp disorder cannot do?

  1. I have been working in the mental health field for almost 29 years. I am a licensed psychiatric technician and I have found that being bipolar makes me very good at what I do. Currently I work in the er dept of psych triage. Even though I have missed work and been on short term disability due to my illness I am not ready to give up on working. I know I help people especially those in crisis who are confused about their diagnosis or being mentally ill in general. I do a lot of patient teaching and when appropriate even disclose my own diagnosis. I can’t tell you how many time patients have thanked me for this as it gives them hope. Even in the depressed episode I’m in right now (and it’s pretty bad) I’m still managing to make it to work even if I don’t get anything else done at least I’m doing that lol. Everyday is a struggle though as I often have panic attack while getting ready each day I just try to push through it.

  2. I think sometimes being bp pushes us to work harder. And oh how I would have loved to have someone in the mental health field say, “Look, I get what you’re going through hon, I’ve been there.” It would be so much easier to talk to that person!

    I’m sorry you are going through a rough spot right now. I’m just pulling out of one. Hopefully you’ll be able to do the same soon as well. If you need to talk, do not hesitate to email us!

  3. hey. the only one i could think of that you can’t do (job wise) when you’re bipolar is military. i got turned down when i went to the recruiter at 17.

  4. Wow. Did they say they were turning you own specifically for your medical condition? I guess I can understand why, but it still doesn’t seem right.

  5. I have bipolar, anxiety, and also suffer from depression, but I take my meds everyday. . Can I work as school safety?

  6. Javani – What do you mean by “school safety”? What does that job consist of? I’m not familiar with what the job consists of, so if you can give a few details or a brief description, I think we can better help find the answer for you. Its probably one of those positions that just goes by different names. And also as it pertains to school, are your talking like grade school/high school/college level? ~christi~

  7. People with mental illnesses are not allowed to work on an ambulance, be a cop, and other civic duties. I’m surprised no one on the internet has made a real list of jobs bipolar people are not allowed to do. There are plenty of jobs you’re not allowed to do if you are bipolar.

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