An Artist In Us All?

Yes, I’m still an author here!!!!  I know it’s been a while since I have written, but in that time (I’ve been off work), I have had a lot of time to think…..and think some more…..and then rethink all that I thought about.  Ruminating thoughts seem to be a pretty common characteristic of those who have bipolar disorder, at least among those that I have had the opportunity to connect with.  So while I was thinking, I was also doing some writing and not just blogging, but trying some other forms of writing that some friends encouraged me to try.  I don’t know how those efforts will turn out yet, but it made me also examine the other things in my life that provide me an outlet and some solace when my symptoms or my cycles have gotten the best of me (such as right now).

So what are those things?  Well,  listening to music and dancing are top on the list.  The lyrics of the music really touch me emotionally and certain songs have melodies that give me goosebumps.  Its almost as if I feel the music running through me.  Dancing makes me feel the same way.  I like to scrapbook and I write poetry, I even paint and work with pastels on occasion.  All of those activities make me feel so much better and make me feel alive and inspired.  Everything related to my creativity.

So then I began to look at some of my friends who have bipolar disorder and some of their occupations or activities.  I noticed that a number of them are either artists, authors, or musicians.  I have read a lot of articles linking bipolar disorder to creativity (and all this time I thought it was the whole left brained, right brained, I’m left handed so I’m creative theory).  Do all of us bipolarees have this creative spark deep down?

Is there fact to these articles, or have I just become a statistical abnormality in being surrounded by people who support the articles? As we start off this weekend, lets hear from you.  What are YOUR creative abilities?

5 thoughts on “An Artist In Us All?

  1. I’m really down right now so ill keep it short. I’m a poet and I love heavy metal music. I think you’re right there is a link and we of BP Nation could name numerous examples although that doesn’t actually prove anything it makes an interesting area for study.

  2. My 11 yr. old son has possible bipolar disorder and he is so creative with building things. He uses everyday objects and spends all day constructing new things that have function using duck tape, boxes, string, tubes, you name it, he’ll use it. He also takes apart electronic devises and tries to make new stuff with them. Once I went into his room and he built a large water filtration system and hand washing station in his closet, even included a towel to dry his hands off. He hopes to be an engineer someday, too bad he hates math.

  3. I love to write whether it is poetry, blogs or songs…if its writing I am into it….I have even wrote a short story before when I was a teenager….which I would love to go back and revisit and make into a novel but just havent found the time or patience for yet. I also love music, music has always been a big inspiration in my life, a song can move me to places i would otherwise never go and can bring me back from places i would otherwise never leave. I also sing….I have been singing since i was about 7 yrs old. I started out in church. As a teenager I performed locally at festivals and such. Now I am back to singing in church and the occational night of karaoke…I do enjoy drawing although i’m not very good at it. I enjoy it and thats all that matters to me….

    My 10 yr old daughter is also bipolar and she is very creative. She writes also. She writes stories in her journals. I cant buy journals fast enough, she fills them up so fast… She writes songs. She also sings, and although I may be a decent singer, that kid has got some major vocals….She will go far if she sticks with it and she wants to….She loves music almost as much as I do…I say almost because she has not learned to appreciate all types of music the way I have…she still has just a little bit more to learn but she is getting there. She has a desire to learn to play instruments. She wants to learn to play guitar, piano and violin. I just wish my budget allowed me to put her in lessons. I know she would excell. She also wants to dance. She loves to dance around the house, but she wants to take lessons….She also draws and she is way better at it than I am…..She is my little talented girl….

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