Ask a -It’s that time of the week again…we get to ask the question today. Aren’t role reversal fun?

Santa Loves Me!!

Today’s Saturday oops now it’s Sunday and you know what that means right? Ahhh…no,I don’t mean football, basketball or any other kind of “ball”. It means WE get to ask a question. We can even ask them on Sunday….*Rubs hands together while wearing a shifty eyed grin* and Oh alright…. I know, I know it’s usually more like a couple of questions not just “a” question, but when it’s a couple of smaller questions all related to the same subject it could still just be considered “a” question right?

Oy vey!! All these questions are giving me a headache!

All kidding aside, Saturday’s are our day to ask YOU our readers a question.

Before I continue, let me say Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate Christmas, Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate this holiday, Happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate this holiday and Happy Holidays to the many other Holidays that are celebrated this time of year all over the world by our very unique and diverse population.

Our family has always celebrated Christmas.  All I knew growing up in the church that Christmas was the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus and people gave presents to each other as a representation of the wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus and spreading goodwill. This is what I believed and how we celebrated Christmas as I grew up.

I wasn’t the type of child who expected to see a room piled high with presents on Christmas morning. Our Christmas was about family sharing time together continuing traditions such as baking, enjoying the lights, snow sled rides in the snow, stringing popcorn for the tree (I usually ate more than stringing it) and when we could, help those less fortunate than ourselves.

I myself don’t see so much of that anymore during the Christmas season.

I see parents waiting in line for hours,days even to get the latest “must have” toy. I see people trying to “out do the Jones'”. I see Christmas paraphernalia: lights, decorations, gift boxes, wrapping paper and scotch tape……it’s EVERYWHERE…. like an invasion in stores before Halloween is over!!!!

I DO NOT like it!

Soooo my question(s} to you:
Have you seen any of these changes where you live??
If so, how do you feel about it???
Do you think commercialism has taken over the tru meaning of Christm????
Those of you that celebrate other holidays from different cultures & religions; have you seen any of these changes in2how your holidays are practiced????

I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas on this subject…… please feel ……….
Thank you

One thought on “Ask a -It’s that time of the week again…we get to ask the question today. Aren’t role reversal fun?

  1. Yes, I have seen a HUGE change. I see commercialism all over! It irks me when I go into a store in October and see Christmas decorations. The Black Friday ads and all these parents standing in lines for hours for the perfect gift. I HATE the commercialism. It has taken away from what Christmas is all about. It seems like it’s just a holiday to run up your credit cards and go broke. I don’t see how that is all about family, gatherings, baking, etc. Even celebrating Jesus’s birth.

    However, we are raising our children in the traditional way. We are very meager with how much they get and the first focus is always on Jesus. This year we told them there would be no gifts due to our situation. However, they asked, “Can we still do a birthday cake for Jesus?” I thought for sure they’d be so disappointed but they weren’t. We were blessed and they did get a couple of gifts each. But we didn’t tell them until Christmas day. They came out and saw the gifts under the tree and we could hear them ooo-ing ad ahhh-ing over them. It was priceless.

    We aren’t perfect parents by any stretch of the means. I just hope that what we have taught them sticks and they grow into caring, sensitive adults. We have also taught them to be sensitive to other people’s beliefs and religions. I believe love and compassion go a long ways with anybody regardless of what they believe. We are trying to teach our boys that, too.

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