Looking for New Authors … Interested?


If you are interested, please email me at marybeth @ askabipolar . com (remove spaces) with a guest/sample post about any topic involving mental illness.

For further details, please feel free to comment and ask. It’s on a volunteer basis. And we aren’t looking for any medical/professional advice. Just personal experiences/opinions to help identify with others going through the same situation.


One thought on “Looking for New Authors … Interested?

  1. Dear all, i read your request of wanting to have a new author and i would be really glad to be with you as an author.
    I’m a medical student and i read + wrote articles and one research about bipolar disorder. I have had bipolar disorder for almost seven years so i have an experience that i would like to help and share others with.

    This is a sample of my writing:

    Relationships and bipolar
    Almost all of us enjoy having a close happy relationship, a relationship we seek in time of need to make us feel better and safe. During and after an episode of depression or mania we need others to support us and remind us of who we are and show us the way back to ourselves. Building these relationships is not that easy and for many it collapses. As a person with bipolar i get difficulties making friends as they do not understand me and i do not try to make them. Speaking to others has always been a nightmare for me but you can actually make them understand without directly speaking to them you can give hints or read them pieces that would help you explain. If you are like me you can do the same and others who really care about you will get your hints. With time it will get easier and you will be open to each other soon enough with the right efforts.

    *i tried to send it through the marybeth email but it failed constantly

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