Bipolar Disorder and a Life-Threatening Illness

Bipolar Disorder and a Life-Threatening Illness

As a person with Bipolar Disorder, I have always feared getting a life-threatening illness.  Well, that happened to me in June of 2007.  I was diagnosed with bladder and kidney cancers.  It was a fearful time and the first thing I thought was, “Oh no! How am I going to control my Bipolar Disorder with this illness?”  Knowing that chemotherapy usually makes people very sick, I was very worried about how I would keep my pills in my stomach without vomiting them up.

Well, this is my story on how I coped with it all.

I started chemotherapy right away.  I had a conversation with my psychiatrist over how I would stay stable since my medications would be messed with due to the therapy.  She said we would do what we could so I could stay functioning.

After I started chemotherapy the hardest part was the nausea.  Who wants to eat or drink while nauseated?  I know I really struggled with it.  So, as soon as I could I would take my psychiatric medications with as much food as my gut would tolerate.  I stayed somewhat stable.

Also, while going through this there was a lot of fear as well.  I had to decipher my moods and what they were caused from at the time.  This is something I didn’t like too much.  It was often times hard to tell what my moods were from at the time.  I believe that a lot of the depression was situational.  I didn’t know if I was going to live or die.  Would the chemo kill the cancer?  How would I live through this?  This was hard stuff to deal with and trying to decipher which meds would work best for me while I was sick.

So….all in all it was a tough time.  I am still in remission today.  I am stable on my medications again.  And my body is healing from all it had been through.  My hair has grown back.  I am doing well.

Having Bipolar Disorder with a life-threatening illness is difficult.  I couldn’t take my meds like normal and my mood were fluctuating around all over the place.  When I had mania I would do what I could to get things moving for myself even though my body was working against me.  I was manic in my brain but my body wouldn’t move too far due to the chemotherapy.

If you have Bipolar Disorder and are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, is it possible to make it through it if you have Bipolar Disorder.  It takes determination and one thing I know for sure is that I could never give up.  I have too much at stake with my husband and three boys who need me.

It was hard but I came out on top.  And so can you.  Just keep telling yourself, “I can beat this and this disease won’t win!”
Take care and I hope this is of help and comfort to those who may be struggling with a situation that is similar to mine!

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  1. My husband is going through chemo and bipolar. He is the meanwst person to be around. Smashing stuff. I have been called every name in the book.honestly…I can’t deal with it anymore. He will not get help for medication imbalance and tella the shrink rhe fruth about his behavior. He will go to his appointment and tell the doc everything is fine. ! Well a protection order and devorce in the works…I would say that not everything is fine. It is horrer in this house. I don’t know when he will go manic or crash and get mean. So kudoa to you and congrats on getting better.

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