Bipolar Disorder and Menopause

“I am turning 40 and starting to worry about how menopause will affect my life with Bipolar. Is there any information out there about how to minimize the effects of hormonal changes?”

283837_worry_or_reliefWith Bipolar Disorder and menopause things can get a little bit tricky. I currently am in perimenopause and having the beginning stages of the changes that go with it. I have had BPD for 23 years and have gone through three pregnancies and nursing children as well. Hormonal changes can affect us all Bipolar Disorder or not.

There is a fine line in determining if mood swings are from hormonal changes or the Bipolar Disorder itself. I have had rapid cycling all of my life so determining what is causing it can be difficult. I have learned to accept that the swings are going to be more during hormonal changes. Does this suck? Yes, it does but it is part of being a woman and the changes we have to endure.

I have asked my personal physician how to gauge what is causing the mood swings. Her ideas were that we needed to keep our hormones balanced with supplements if that’s what we need. I am not a big supplement taker but I have started some now. I really think it varies from person to person as to how the mood swings will happen.

Having information regarding Bipolar Disorder and menopause really isn’t out there. I have found the best information comes from those that have already been through menopause and have the disorder. Speaking with your physician is also an option. I also believe that how you deal with the mood swings can make a big difference as well.

I found one website that had good information and it is

I hope this helps and can get you on the right track to taking care of yourself while experiencing hormonal changes along with the chemical imbalance of Bipolar Disorder.

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