How Has Ask A Bipolar Impacted My Life??? Compliments of Christi!

Gosh, where do I even begin??!!!  I first found Ask A Bipolar as I was perusing Facebook for some pages or groups that would provide me information on bipolar disorder and maybe even some people that I could relate to.  After 5 years, I was beginning to miss the supports that I had during my outpatient therapy from others diagnosed with bipolar disorder or depression.  I found AaB and followed along  very passively at first.  Before I dove in and started interacting, I wanted to see what it was all about.  A few weeks later they posted that they were looking for a writer.   I submitted a sample on a whim and that is when everything changed!!

I began interacting with everyone on the site, commenting and providing encouragement when some were struggling and congratulating when there was a victory.  It wasn’t long before others were providing the same for me, giving me the support I had been missing.   I found that no matter what I was feeling, if I was on a down-swing or on my way up, there was always someone there to listen.

Being an author for Ask A Bipolar has impacted my life also because I have found a way to help others through my own experiences and  by using the creativity and skills I had been letting cobwebs grow on!!!  Answering the questions of others, and providing support on the Facebook page and group, has been therapeutic and a great influence on my path to stability and managing my bipolar.  I have learned so much through the questions I have answered.  I have had to dig deep down and visit some places I never knew existed in some cases, but in doing so have been able to free myself of some of the bad while helping others on their own journey toward stability.  Knowing that my answers or comments have been helpful to someone else gives me such a great feeling and it is super inspiring to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life.  There were many times when I was first diagnosed that I wished there was a site like this one, or a group of people just like these, to help me through what felt like the darkest corners of hell.  I have the opportunity to help people out of that place and that really holds a huge place in my heart.

It is such an honor to be an author for this site and to be as involved as I am.  I have gotten to know some AMAZING people with incredible talents and personalities.  They have supported me, and listened to all my ramblings and babbling.  They have given me a place where I can go up and down like a roller coaster and not feel alone.  I have reached a level of acceptance now with my bipolar and I don’t think I could have done that without Ask A Bipolar.    So, Thank You to everyone involved in this site and for those that are just discovering Ask A Bipolar, there is a totally awesome world inside the Ask A Bipolar community that is just waiting for you and I’m so happy to be part of it!!!!



One thought on “How Has Ask A Bipolar Impacted My Life??? Compliments of Christi!

  1. Thank you for this information. I will check out this page on Facebook. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a little over ten years ago, and I always like to find additional sources of support. By the way, one blog that you might be interested in is “A Good Night’s Sleep” blog at Alliant University. They really highlight the correlation between sleep disorders and mood disorders.

    See you on Facebook!

    Debra Stang
    Alliant Professional Networking Specialist

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