Is My Bipolar Getting Worse?

“I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar type 1 a few months ago. I’m on medication for it and the meds have worked really well but the past week I’ve felt like I’m getting worse out of nowhere. I’m having bad mood swings again to the point where I can’t stay in class because of having a breakdown. And this is over nothing, Nothing I know triggers it and before I know it I’m incredibly happy. It’s getting out of control and it’s driving mad. Help? :(“

IMG_7392The great news about this question is that you are aware of the change in your moods and that is key in treatment. You stated you were on medication for Bipolar I and wondered if you’ve had any adjustments to the dose. Have you placed a call to your doctor? Sometimes during treatment the meds will have to be adjusted, in many cases for whatever reason, the body and mind seem to become adjusted to the dose that was initially prescribe. When this happens you will start to notice changes in moods as you stated in your question. My advice to you would be to simply get in touch with doctor and be mindful of your moods and triggers. Make note of anything unusual or out of the ordinary so when you do see your doctor you will be able to brings these issues to their attention. Best of luck to you and hope you feel better soon.

One thought on “Is My Bipolar Getting Worse?

  1. Bonnie Mahlmeister

    I agree with the above. It’s very important to keep in close contact with your doctor when you are getting the meds straight. It’s also important that you report any discomfort. Even when you’re feeling rather well in comparison you may still need some tweaking of the meds to get you to a more nomad state. Knowing what that “normal” state is is kind of hard. Your loved ones can reflect that back to you when they notice your behavior is in the more “normal” range.

    I stayed slightly depressed for the longest time thinking that was normal and had to be more vocal about how I didn’t feel all the way well. The other was that I had to fall out of love with my highs because they just weren’t worth the lows I experienced. Being Bipolar I you probably have a different experience in you highs. I only have hypomania which just simply got me into financial trouble. It just wasn’t worth it so I work diligently to avoid them because the lows are just too low.

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