Total Brain Seize

Ever have one of those days where just everything is going wrong? You think you’re starting to get a handle on things…… and then BAM! One more thing goes wrong and your brain just seizes up, stops working, refuses to restart…just goes KAPUT! You have no coping skills, no ability to form a rational thought, and completely no ability to reach out for help, well, because your brain is not working.

Well that’s the kind of day I’m having. I’m dealing ( well I guess not really because my brain isn’t working ) with a lot of stressors right now. I’m completely overwhelmed, anxious, and I feel a monumental panic attack coming on.

Let me give you an analogy that I think best describes what I’m going through and how I feel today. I hope it makes sense, because remember, my brain’s not working.

You’re driving in your car, it’s not running all that great and you notice funny little noises probably coming from the motor. You think to yourself, “That you should probably get this checked,” but hey, you’re busy and have places to go and things to do. You make a note to yourself to get it checked, maybe next week when you’re not so busy. Then all of a sudden in the middle of the road, your car just stops running,completely dies on you! You frantically try to start it over and over, but nothing, it stays dead. So you call the local towing company ( this is always such fun ) and get your car towed to your local mechanic. He spends a little time checking out your car and quickly figures out what the problem is. He tells you, “You don’t have any oil in your motor, she’s bone dry. A motor needs oil in order to run properly and if it’s low or doesn’t have any it’ll just quit and seize up on you. There’s not too much damage and it’ll take some work, but I can get it running for you again.” Well of course you’re happy you car can be repaired, but there goes your plans for a busy day and getting things done.

My point is, keep your brain “oiled”. Those of us with bipolar need to be vigilant in taking care of ourselves. When we feel ourselves slipping we need to immediately reach out for help and support.

Don’t let your brain seize up!

5 thoughts on “Total Brain Seize

  1. I like the analogy, too. I also feel the same way if I don’t use my brain enough. I think that my brain has to have a happy medium in order to function properly. I hope things get better for you and your brain restores itself soon!

  2. Great analogy!!! I know exactly how you feel… My brain runs dry at times, too!!! Hope you get your brain oiled again soon!!!

  3. Yes, I think the analogy is great, too. Hope things get better for you. A lot of stressful stuff happening is when our brains need the most “oiling”. But, how to find the time? That’s difficult for me.

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