Can you have such a bad manic episode that 20 mg. Of ambian really doesn’t help you sleep?

Can you have such a bad manic episode that 20 mg. Of ambian really doesn’t help you sleep? I just want to sleep.!!

Yes, you can very easily have such a bad manic episode that no amount of drugs seems to be able to knock you out. While I have never been on Ambien, I remember many nights unable to get myself to just fall asleep, at least for a little while. My mind just wouldn’t seemed to slow itself down, and I had all these thoughts ts and ideas that would not leave me alone. I needed to get up and  put these amazing ideas to use before I forget. Nothing, no amount of working on projects or running circles in my room, would satisfy that energy. When I looked down at my skin, I swore I could see it oozing out of skin. All I wanted was to shut my eyes and have them stay shut; but my mind wouldn’t let it. My body screamed for rest – I screamed for rest – but mania had me tied down to this roller coaster and wasn’t going to let go.

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For hours, I was moving all over the house, starting many things and finishing none of them. Each time I sat down to do one thing, another brilliant idea popped up that just had to be addressed. Nothing was going to stop me, and I was convinced I was a genius with all these ideas. As much as I want

ed sleep, I decided that I must be being kept up for a reason, and that it would pass when I was done. It did eventually pass, and I crashed like a ro

ck, as my body desperately tried to make up for those sleepless nights.

I am sorry you’re Ambien isn’t working much. Unfortunately, I do know how it feels to be unable to close your eyes when your mind is racing. Hopefully, in the time since you asked you have gotten some sleep. It’s well deserved after surviving mania.

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  1. although it’s been some time since I’ve experienced a full blown manic episode, I have been dealing with some bad insomnia. I’m exhausted but my mind won’t shut down and I can’t sleep. I read, go online, pace etc. I finally took some trazadone last night and now I feel like I’m in a fog and still trying to wake up, so yeah the crash really bites. I have mixed episodes so even in a depressed state I get this agitated kind of hypomania. It sure is quite the roller coaster ride (not the fun kind lol ) living with being bipolar. Thanks for this site, it as well as some of others have been a great source of support, even though I have a very supportive family they don’t always “get” it. Here I can say something or express myself and know that it will be understood, so a gain thanks!

  2. I’m so glad this information has helped you. I too have a VERY supportive family, but like you said, they don’t always “get” it. I love connectiong with other people and being able to help those who suffer from this illness.

  3. I can never sleep or get the amount of sleep even at least an hour when I am in a full blown manic episode. I take 20mg and sometimes a Lorazapam just to get to sleep. ( this isn’t done on a daily basis and I do not recommend anyone doing this without the advice of your phyc. doc. After having the manic episode I still find it difficult to sleep and have to get the deep meditation tapes out and listen to them. Take lots of baths, or showers. I also just bought a treadmill and that helps me wind down instead of getting me all whriled up.

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