Oh I’m sorry Last Contest … Did we forget you? Well we can’t have that!

MB had a difficult time coming up with prizes for these contests, I mean really, what do people with bipolar really want? We have yet to create our hiding cave … still looking for the right location. Oooh … we could have given away some fuzzy blankets! (stowing that idea for next contest … AaB fuzzy blankets! Even I want one!) Needless to say, it took some thinking.

Well this last prize I’m giving away I’ve left till the very last. We’ve had some major happenings this week with it and have talked about it a great deal … I’m pretty excited to announce it.  We are giving away a copy of Fall Girl, written by none other than THEEEEE  Marybeth Smith that brought us all together, and not just any book, but a SIGNED copy of course!!!!

The Rules

Your names will be put into a hat (My Trinity Swag Hat to be more specific) … one for each point you earn.

Points are as follows …

+5 Comment and tell us how AaB has impacted your life.

+2 Points – Post a link to us on your facebook and/or twitter page.

+1 Point for following us on Facebook

+1 Point for following us on Twitter

+5 Share our site with a friend and get them to submit a question (have them start the question with “so and so sent me here!”)

Then post your total point count in your Comment below!

The more points you earn the more chance you’ll have to win!


We are going to extend all the contests out until next week Friday. Saturday Morning MB will draw the winners from our swag hat and post them ASAP! Winners will need to email info @ askabipolar . com with their mailing addresses.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our anniversary week! I know we have!   Cheers to another year!!!!!!  Lets make this one EVEN BETTER!!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Oh I’m sorry Last Contest … Did we forget you? Well we can’t have that!

  1. AaB has helped me in so many ways. I found this site when I was crawling my way out of a 2yr depression. It was like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It gave me hope. I’ve always been told, “you need to try group therapy, it’ll do you some good.” but i’m just not the kind of person that can sit in a room of people in a circle and talk about my feelings or whats going on in my life.” This site has been my “group therapy”. It has picked me up when I’ve been knocked down and let me help others when I can.

  2. AaB has helped me to see how bipolar can be the same and different for others who have it. I’m happy to see people talk about things I have already figured out (the hard way, of course). It really helps to see how other people describe the “blessings” of bipolar since sometimes it can be hard to put it into words myself. Basically, I’m learning more about me and my bipolar because of AaB.

    I subscribe on Twitter and Facebook. I also tweeted about this.

    9 points

  3. ask a bipolar has impacted my life helping me not feel so alone. It always helps to know there are other people who can relate to what I deal with on a daily basis, even though I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    (I have 9 points total)

  4. Ask a Bipolar is a place people can come to get an inside view of the issues we face, living with Bipolar Disorder. It has become a comfort zone for me, especially on Facebook, and a place to find support and love and understanding when I feel like the world is completely foreign.

    (9 points)

  5. Although i have just recently become more involved with askabipolar.com i see already what a great site it really is. I like how it incorporates education along with support for people with bipolar. It is easy to navigate and it also provides a lot of good information for family and friends who are interested in learning more about their bipolar loved one. I had the opportunity to join in with the writers on group chat last Tuesday and found everyone to be very bright and enthusiastic. I also found a nice comfort level with all of the writers and it felt like a place where i actually belong. And with being bipolar that is not always easy to find in this world! So even in this short amount of time i have found a place for support and encouragement. I am looking forward to doing some research and writing for the site in the very near future. Thanks Marybeth for recruiting me and for developing such a great site. Vicky Summers (Total Pts. = 7)

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