Excitement has taken me hostage!

I’m less than 12 hours away from getting in the car and heading off to Chicago. I’m not so sure I’ve been this excited since the birth of my last child. So excited in fact that I’m not sure how I’m even going to sleep tonight.


We’ve got some awesome things planned for this weekend and we can’t wait to share them with you. (It may or may not involve a vlog from the NAMI Convention itself!)


If you have any information you’d like us to gleam from this weekend, do NOT hesitated to ask. We’re going for YOU! I’ve got a massive schedule planned and a notebook and pen to capture it all! (possible exaggeration)

Watch out Chicago! You’re about to be invaded by a world of awesome! AaB is gonna rock the house! (oh come on, I’m excited!!!)


3 thoughts on “Excitement has taken me hostage!

  1. No, seriously. The schedule is definitely jam packed!!!!!! She made up at time called 6:60 to add more in!!!! :)~ So its packed and we have also made sure that we split up at times to make sure we get max amount of info!!!!! Prince is very excited for MB to come too. He’s not sure if he should put on his dress hat or if just one of his nice shirts is enough. Its ruff being a cute lil dog. I know.


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