I Felt Like Exploding! – A Guest Post from Angel’s 10 yr old Daughter

One time last year at school we were going to P.E.  We played a game called something Frisbee.  I forget what it was called, well my team lost and the other team kept bragging and calling our team losers.  I got mad and hid behind a brick column.  Then the class went inside. I was still mad and I walked in the woods and went thru the path leading to a neighborhood.   I was terrified.   The whole reason was because I wanted to kill myself.  I was mad and sad.  I wanted to drop dead right there on the spot.  Because I lost the game and the other team had made me feel so bad about myself when they were calling us losers.  My teacher was right behind me trying to get me…. Well she finally did catch me and the principle was waiting for us to come back to school.  She told me she was about to call the police but she didn’t cause my teacher caught me.  So I got detention.  Still I was mad so I marched in really mad and sat in the detention hall and I was furious and I wanted to get out.  Soon school was over and I went home still stressed.  Momma kept putting more stress on me by telling granny and my aunt and everyone about what happened and they kept telling me what I was doing wrong.  I felt like exploding.  I did not want to go to school the next day but momma made me.  I felt weird but it all passed after a few days and that’s all I remember.

~ written by Angel’s Daughter, Bug

~ About Bug ~

Bug was diagnosed bipolar when she was 7yrs old. After a suicide attempt a year later that resulted in a short term hospital stay her diagnosis was changed to include bipolar w/ psychotic features, general anxiety, major depressive disorder and ADHD. Now at 10 yrs old she is stable on most days.

3 thoughts on “I Felt Like Exploding! – A Guest Post from Angel’s 10 yr old Daughter

  1. It was interesting for me to read this, Angel as I can remember having many similar thoughts as a child. I feel for your little girl, yet at the same time am in awe of how she is able to remember and share what that experience felt like. I hope we get to see more from her!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Very unique perspective!! great courage Bug, 🙂 People need to be aware of Bipolar in children. Much Love-

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Must be very hard to read how your daughter is feeling inside. I am very keen to read as much as possible to understand how the mind of a bipolar person thinks.

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