Is it possible to find a “perfect” medication?

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar II and my doctor put me on Lamictal. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be reacting well to it– my moods are continuing to swing and my vision seems to have become hypersensitive. Should I expect side effects with all medications, or should I look for something different? I’m concerned that the side effects will prevent me from ever feeling “normal” again.

First of all, as we all know, nothing is ever perfect and that includes finding the right medication.  The only thing we can do is strive to find something as close to perfect as we can get or what we are comfortable with.  All medications come with the possibility of side effects in varying degrees.  You have to decide (usually with the help and consultation of your doctor) if the pros outweigh the cons.  What are you willing to live with in order to make you feel more stable?  But if you’re not feeling more stable then the side effects are not worth living thru.

I will say this, if you are on a medication (any medication) and you are still having mood swings AND you’re having major side effects I would say it probably isn’t the right medication for you.  I would definitely talk with my pdoc about possibly trying something else if I were you.  The idea is to find a medication that can give you a quality of life and stability with minimal side effects.  It is possible to find a medication that works for you with NO side effects. It may be rare but it does happen.  Everyone’s body reacts differently to each medication.  When you’ve reached that level where you’re most comfortable then you’ve found the right medication for you.  It may take time however.  A  good thing about side effects is that is sometimes once you get use to the medication the side effects go away. Very rarely do you ever get lucky enough to find the right medication on the first try.  And even when you do find the right medication, there is still a matter of finding the right dosage.  When you find a medication that doesn’t have a lot of side effects, then it may be worth a try to stick with it until they find a dosage that works best for you.

Don’t get frustrated or give up hope.  I know sometimes it is all a bit overwhelming and when a medication isn’t working like it should we tend to get let down and frustrated.  When I was first diagnosed bipolar and given a prescription.  I took it for about a month and it didn’t help, my symptoms only got worse.  I (in my chaotic brain) took this to mean that since the medicine for bipolar wasn’t helping me get better that meant I wasn’t bipolar and the doctor who prescribed it didn’t know what he was talking about.  So I quit taking it and didn’t go back to him.  I suffered for about another year maybe before I got so bad that talking to a friend she convinced me that I probably was bipolar and on a recommendation I saw a new pdoc and started trying to find the right meds to stabilize my moods.  The point is, when that first prescription didn’t work I just gave up hope and I suffered needlessly for a long time, and so did the people around me.  So if your meds aren’t working properly now, talk to your pdoc.  Let him know about the side effects you are having and how severe they are definitely let him know that you are still having mood swings because it is not ok for this to be happening while you are on your medication.  Granted everyone will have an occational mood swing here and there.  As I said, no medication is perfect.  But constant mood swings mean the meds aren’t working right.  As far as feeling “normal” what is “normal”?  Is there such a thing as normal?  You CAN feel ……content, even happy, and truly balanced at times.

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to find a “perfect” medication?

  1. This is certainly a PERFECT response to the meds question. I would just like to add on by empasizing a couple of the recommendations.

    1. Not only does one have to look at each medication, but also the interaction of all meds,the dosages and how they work, or don’t work, together.
    2. It took a long time for my daughter to find the right doctor who was willing to take the time needed to ensure that she had the correct meds/dosages and truly understood the meds issues. She finally found one whose specialty was psychophamacology and that made quite a difference for her.
    3. Consider trying all of additional steps that one can do to help achieve balance such as relaxation techniques, reducing stress, etc. Again, it took a long time for my daughter to realize what she needed to do to “help” the meds work better.

  2. i’m on lamictal now and it’s been wonderful for me. it’s the only med that’s worked but i’ve been on a bunch of different meds. sometimes you just have to try them out to find out which one is right for you. just make sure you give it at least a couple months to see how your body reacts to it. you don’t want to switch meds every couple of weeks (unless you’re having thoughts of suicide and such). i had minor side effects with lamictal when i was being weened on to it but they’ve since gone away. i had major side effects with lithium but i know people who are on lithium that love it so you just never know.

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