Sometimes I stop and wonder

How did I end up here

When did I quit trying

When did I decide not to care

Why did I give up on myself

When did depression win

How could I let it go this far

Before I tried again

Can I stop this downfall

Say it hasn’t gone too far

I can try to fix what’s broken

I can try to do my part

And once I regain ground

And stand on my own

Will I still be here

Or will I be too strong

Is it gonna be acceptable

For me to find myself again

Or will I have to move on

Because it is forbidden.

by Angel circa March 2002

2 thoughts on “Forbidden

  1. This is a beautiful poem, really. It helps me understand how by bipolar boyfriend must feel after coming out of a depressive episode. You have my unwavering respect, you strong woman, you!

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