869510_red_and_gold____4Wow.  I can not believe that Ask A Bipolar just turned 7! It seems like just yesterday that I was google chatting with founder, Marybeth Smith and she asked me if I could write a post for her. It was actually a few months I asked her when the deadline was and she said ASAP because it needs to be the post for today.  I took that challenge,  and it was then I was inducted into the “Ask A Bipolar author circle.”  It was a few months after Marybeth had started the website, and I had been looking for some support and education after my fairly new diagnosis of Bipolar II.  I had been looking for quite some time before I discovered an amazing resource.

 Ask A Bipolar.

It had everything that someone who had just been diagnosed, or friends and loved ones, who didn’t really know much about the illness and were afraid to ask, or didn’t have anyone to talk to about their diagnosis could have wanted.  It gave answers to so many questions, some that may not have even been thought of yet, and it gave those with their own questions a place to submit a question and receive an answer from someone who has the illness and can answer from your perspective.

I love this site.  There is so much information and advice that has been given through other people’s questions and our author’s answers that it has become a resource that I refer to often.  This site also gave me and some of our other authors opportunities to work with other organizations and write for other websites as well.

This site helped so many people in so many different ways.  There is so much good that has come from this website and I am proud to be part of the Ask A Bipolar team and even more proud that we have reach its 7th birthday.

I know that the site has been pretty inactive with new content recently, but I thought that exploring some of our past posts, the ones the have just been sitting in our archives, it would be a good way to revisit some of the topics we have addressed previously.  In the last several years, we have had a whole lot of great authors on our website as well as great posts and I thought it would be great to check those posts out again.

Happy Birthday Ask A Bipolar!  Here’s to another great year!

(and, a lot of new content as well)


2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASK A BIPOLAR!!!!!!

  1. Over the past decades, many of my family were either diagnosed with bipolar illness (manic depressive), and/or had the full range of sympotms which created huge problems in their lives. Each person ha had s different reaction to the diagnosis and often the process of acceptance took a long time. Now my brilliant, creative and stubborn grandson is in jail and not at all understanding of the manic aspects of his personality and that it might be related to bipolar illness. Would love some suggestions about how to help him avoid more bad experiencse and seek help for what is so obviously a genetic and, yes, environmentally induced chemical imbalance.

  2. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m tired of it all. I’m bipolar. I have no support at all. Never did. Not from family or friends. I can’t do this by myself anymore. I’m tired and worn out. It’s just always me. Always alone. I’m tired of trying to push myself to keep going. I can’t anymore. I’m exhausted.

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