Has anyone tried TMS and if so what happened?

Has anyone tried TMS and if so what happened? Was it useful in the long term. It’s something that has been suggested to me. I have fears about this sort of treatment, especially as I have yet to meet the psychiatrist who will be responsible for the outcome. I have researched it a little and it seems to still be in the experimental stage. Any input would be welcome.


I myself have never had experience with TMS or ECT, however we have done a couple posts on it before. I’m going to link to them today and let me know if you have further questions.



And I apologize for such a short post. I’m taking a mental holiday today. Love you guys!

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  1. I am a rTMS coordinator in Vero Beach, Florida.

    To date we have treated 2 bipolar patients in addition to our FDA approved MDD patients.

    Both our patients have received unilateral pre-frontal cortex treatment, instead of the bi-lateral. In our research the risk of mania increased by 50% while the efficacy of treatment was.not additionally increased. Therefore we chose the Uni-lateral treatment option.

    Within the first few days we observed a difference in our patients, marginal, but measurable. By the 10th session, with measured daily subjective depression ratings, and a BDI, we were able to show a significant change in the patients depression. By the 20th treatment, medications had been reduced, and therapy had been decreased to the first change of a 30, 60, 90, 6mo 1 yr schedule. Of course therapy can always be scheduled prn.

    On the flip side, we have had one patient with MDD that did not have any measurable change after 10 sessions and felt she would not continue, and attempt an exercise regime instead.

    I highly recommend TMS therapy to patients that been suffering from depression without relief from medications. For those of you that think “of course he recommends it, he works for a center”, Neuronetics donates 10 patient assist programs to each clinic per year, we only started with TMS in May, therefore prorated we had 6 to use, and we have no more for this year, and a waiting list building for this year.

    If there is anyone out there considering TMS therapy I suggest, do your homework. Research, research, research. Check out http://www.thedepressionhopecenter.com where other people just like you share their stories about depression and TMS. Even though TMS hasn’t been FDA approved for bipolar, doesn’t mean it can’t work. It just means no one greasing the palms of the FDA to move things along.

    These are my experiences and my opinions, and not the opinions of anyone else. Take them as you will. Feel free to email me at robertw@tmstc.com if you have any questions.

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