HELP! I’m trapped in my head and I can’t get out!!!

This is a thought that crosses my mind daily. It’s like I”m chained up to the edges of my skull and my brain just won’t let me go! And the worst part is … I think it’s laughing at me. Stupid malfunctioning brain has locked me behind bars and is fracking laughing at me!

I have, on numerous occasions, tried to escape. At first I’ll be successful, even feel happy for a moment or two … and then *BAM!* My thoughts grab me by the neck and pull me right back in. It’s like I barely get the chance to even have a gasp of oxygen.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a new escape route. Apparently the ones I’ve been relying on are doing little to get me ahead. Perhaps I’ve been looking at the wrong map? Because I am clearly lost. Lost in thought. Lost in sanity. Lost. Lost. Lost.

Escape tactics already executed? Well in no particular order (and not always at the same time):

1. Meds

2. Flax seed Oil and vitamin D

3. Light Therapy

4. Exercise

5. Self- Talk

6. Sleeping

7. Psychotherapy

8. Eating healthier

9. Writing in a journal

10. Ice Cream/Beer/Margaritas/Chocolate

To be honest … I’ve got no clue what else to try. My brain has such a tight grip on everything that I just don’t see any other ways to get out.

Am I missing something?

Did I forget to brush my teeth? (Rhetorical Question … )

Is there some unknown issue I’ve been repressing that needs to be resolved?

Seriously … I’ve got nothing.

When all else fails, what do YOU do to escape your mind?

One thought on “HELP! I’m trapped in my head and I can’t get out!!!

  1. This is my system depending on the time of day and who’s around (usually my babies). I stay away from anything scary or gross like horror movies or the news. I tend to gravitate toward the macabre when I’m really low, which only makes the thoughts worse.

    Watch TV – I try to watch something thought provoking like “The Universe” on Netflix.

    Poscasts – Listen to something cool like science, because it seems to take more concentration to listen than to see. StarTalk by Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my favorite.

    Read – Although I can watch and listen to science, I cannot read it. So, I read something chicky like romance novels (heavy on the romance and comedy, light on the chick porn, although that can be fun at times too). Sometimes predictability is nice. This one is rare, because I am never alone. I use it when I just can’t stand my own skin anymore, my husband is home, and I can slip away.

    Sing – This one is usually saved for when I’m trying to fall asleep, my mind is racing, and the thoughts are especially brutal. I sing the easiest song I can think of. One of my favorites is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” I know it sounds childish, but works when things get dark. I sing it and picture the big balls of plasma and gas. I think about how miraculous nuclear fusion is and the creation of heavier atoms. I think about how huge stars are and how many of them there are. That simple song can sometimes give me the power of the universe.

    These are all pretty cheesy, and I obviously enjoy space, but each person has something that can give them a feeling that somewhere something is working out just the way it was supposed to. For me, this is science. For you, it may be a guitar string or the curve of your babies face.

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